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Hey Guys,

It has been a great journey for me watching this community grow from just a handful of people to over 100,000. Unfortunately, this is where the journey is going to end for me. Some forces in RL are going to be taking up a much larger portion of my time, and I will no longer have the time this site deserves.

In the coming week, I'll be stepping down as admin and will be leaving you in the good hands of Rapture/Naax. I'll still be around here as a part of the community, but only as a member.

Again, this has been a great experience, and thank you all for being a part of it with me.

Cya Around the Boards,
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We're very excited to announce that ESL has just opened signed ups for the Intel Extreme Masters WoW Tournament in both America and Europe!

Here is what you'll need if you have a team and want to compete in the next season of the Intel Extreme Masters Tournament:

Please include the following in your application:

  •   a link to your team on the live servers
  •   a link to your team on the ESL website
  •   further information about your team (past tournament success, achievements in past arena season etc.)
  •   your choice if you prefer to play Horde or Alliance characters

More Sign Up Info

So go sign up! Back to Top

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Even though this is off topic, I just wanted to make sure everyone who was interested in playing knew a few things about the upcoming launch this weekend. All discussion related to the game can be found in this forum: http://www.arenajunk...splay.php?f=239.

Pre-Launch Dates
Pre-Select: September 18th, you can login to create your character and reserve your name.
Headstart: September 20th, early access for preorder accounts.

Competitive Servers
East Coast (GMT - 5): Azphel
West Coast  (GMT - 8)/Oceanic: Nezekan
Slappywag has a guild on Nezekan composed of oceanic based gladiators - http://www.justgeef.com/forums.

Aion Resources
Official Site: http://na.aiononline.com/en/
Popular Fansite: http://www.aionsource.com/
Aion Armory: http://www.aionarmory.com/
Aion SSH Tunneling: http://www.lowerping.com (Free trial until October 1st)
Aion Wikiw: http://www.aionwiki.net/

If anyone else has any helpful information I should add, please let me know. Back to Top