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As requested, here is the breakdown of gladiators by class for the first season of WotLK. We will keep continue to update this statistics at the end of each season to see how the trends form. Again, this is only the representation of gladiators as they are registered on the site, and not the overall list. That being said, it should still be a fairly accurate representation of the whole. Enjoy :)

Season Five Gladiators:
:paladin: Paladin: 600 - 18.59%
:deathknight: Death Knight: 440 - 13.63%
:rogue: Rogue: 390 - 12.09%
:priest: Priest: 352 - 10.91%
:warlock: Warlock: 268 - 8.30%
:shaman: Shaman: 263 - 8.15%
:hunter: Hunter: 262 - 8.12%
:mage: Mage: 243 - 7.53%
:druid: Druid: 243 - 7.53%
:warrior: Warrior: 165 - 5.11%

Season Five Deadly Gladiators:
:paladin: Paladin: 45 - 17.79%
:deathknight: Death Knight: 44 - 17.39%
:hunter: Hunter: 38 - 15.02%
:priest: Priest: 37 - 14.62%
:mage: Mage: 27 - 10.67%
:shaman: Shaman: 25 - 9.88%
:rogue: Rogue: 17 - 6.72%
:warlock: Warlock: 9 - 3.56%
:druid: Druid: 9 - 3.56%
:warrior: Warrior: 2 - 0.79% Back to Top

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Yesterday Curse unveiled its Premium service. Along with the perks on Curse we are pleased to reintroduce our very own Premium benefits.

Go Premium Now!

How it Works:
  • Sign up for Curse Premium.
  • Activate your Curse Premium on Arena Junkies on our Premium Page by entering your Curse account information.
  • Get all the benefits of Premium membership on BOTH Curse.com and here on ArenaJunkies.

What you Get on Arena Junkies:

  • Premium Only Forum
    • Private forum only for Premium Subscribers

  • Feature Previews
    • Get previews of new tools, projects, art, contests and have your say BEFORE the rest of the community.

  • No Ads
    • Browse ad-free.

  • Support Arena Junkies
    • Show your appreciation for Arena Junkies. Help us continue to develop new features and bring you the highest quality content available.

  • Increased PM Limit
    • Private Message limit increased to 1000 PMs

  • Blue Name
    • They have been off the market for a long time now, but the coveted blue names are back!

What you Get on Curse:

Full Details
  • Premium Curse Client
    • Fast addon downloads. Enjoy an ad-free experience.

  • Addon Author Rewards Program
    • A portion of your subscription will go to addon authors, helping them develop and maintain the addons you love.

  • No Ads
    • No more annoying or intrusive ads.

  • Support Curse
    • Help Curse develop new features for the client and website. Allow Curse to keep providing safe, secure addons.

  • Access to Premium-Only Beta Key Giveaways
    • Get priority on all Curse beta key giveaways

  • Unique Avatar Frame
    • Premium user icon for your avatar on Curse.com

How much is it?:

  • Annual Subscription $2.45/month (Billed yearly @$29.40)
  • Quarterly Subscription $3.45/month (Billed quarterly @ $10.35)
  • Monthly Subscription $4.95/month (Billed monthly @ $4.95)
  • 6 Month Single Payment $24.95 (No subscription)

Enjoy. Back to Top

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We just went ahead and did the access reset for this season. Just to be clear, anyone who has not achieved Gladiator title at some point will lose their access until it is re-earned this season. If your profile is missing titles that you have earned, please PM me for further investigation.

Also, we adjusted the rating requirements once more for this season. We will continue to keep an eye on them throughout the season and adjust them as we see fit. They are as follows.
2v2: 2400+
3v3: 2200+
5v5: 2000+

In addition, due to some increased trolling as of late, we are making our infraction policy a bit more strict. Infractions will now remain in effect for three months instead of just one so repeat offenders will not be able to game the system as much. We have also moved down to two warnings instead of three before the temporary bans start. We encourage everyone to continue to use the report system to help us moderate the forums.

While we understand people are frustrated with the game at the moment, we are going to take a hard stance against trolling to keep things from getting out of hand. Back to Top

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