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Congratulations to everyone who got Gladiator or Relentless Gladiator in Season 7.

You will begin to notice the infamous Glad and RGlad icons showing up on ArenaJunkies. If yours aren't showing up, please be patient, we just put this change in and it will take some time for our scripts to get to everyone. If you haven't gotten your icon by tomorrow, send me a PM.

On another note:
We will be resetting our rankings sometime this next week to prepare for Season 8 which will hopefully begin next week. Here is the Blizzard comment about arena points and next season:

Official Blizzard Quote:

Arena points were wiped during the recent maintenance following the end of the Arena season on January 19th. We initially intended to launch the next arena season this week, but it was delayed due to the minor content patch that needs to coincide with the beginning of the season having some last minute issues to resolve.

Due to the delay in the arena season we are in the process of reimbursing arena points to all eligible participants. Characters will be returned to the amount they had on Tuesday, January 26th. All Arena points will then be wiped when season 8 begins. We apologize for the confusion this caused and appreciate your understanding

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Blizzard has released a high res gallery of the Arena Season 8 armory sets. Check it out. What do you guys think?


Official Blizzard Quote:

Sneak Peek: Season 8 Armor Sets
With the next Arena season just around the corner, we’d like to give you a preview of the new season 8 armor sets, designed to strike fear into the hearts of your opponents in battle. You can click on the thumbnails above to catch a sneak peek for each set, and you can also click the link below the image to download a high-res version.
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We have introduced a new usergroup to the site. In order to keep the content (Talents/Macros/Strategy) up to date and manageable - we have created the Content Editors user group.

Until now, we have been working together to get the talent's section of the website updated and you might have seen requests for talent builds in your respective class forum.

We're going to be updating the rest of the sections, so if you have content you think should be submitted either post it in the Content Feedback forum or send it in the form of a Private Message to one of the site's content editors.

The current content editors are Wickler, Alphatier, and Calpurnia who all volunteered to help out. Many thanks to these guys for getting the ball rolling. At the risk of having too many colors of user names, you can recognize the content editors by their name plate color.

We're going to keep this group fairly small to begin with, but if you are interested in helping edit the content of this site on a regular basis send me a PM stating why you want to help and why you would be good at the job. Back to Top