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Season 8 has officially begun:

Official Blizzard Quote:

Arena Season 8 has now officially begun, and players can immediately begin competing for the new Wrathful Gladiator PvP item sets. We have reset all Arena team ratings, Arena points, and personal ratings though players retain their honor points and matchmaking rating going into the season.

Here is a list of some PvP items that will be available in Arena Season 8 and their expected rating requirements:

No Rating Required:
Furious Chest
Furious Legs
Furious Gloves
Furious Helm
Furious Shoulders
Relentless Bracer
Relentless Belt
Relentless Boots
Relentless Neck
Relentless Ring
Relentless Cape
Relentless Trinket
Relentless Gloves
Relentless Legs
Relentless Chest
Relentless Helm
Relentless Shoulders
Wrathful Bracer
Wrathful Trinket
Wrathful Cape
Wrathful Neck
Wrathful Ring

Rating Required:
700+: Relentless Relics
1300+: Wrathful Belt (honor)
1400+: Wrathful Boots (honor)
1400+: Wrathful Gloves
1500+: Wrathful Legs
1600+: Wrathful Chest
1700+: Wrathful Wands/Relics/etc
1800+: Wrathful Weapon - lvl264
1950+: Wrathful Helm
2000+: Wrathful Shoulders
2200+: Wrathful Weapon - lvl277
2300+: Wrathful Tabard

This patch also brings about some healing changes in Arena:

Official Blizzard Quote:

Patch 3.3.2 is bringing about a change to the way healing functions in Arenas, Battlegrounds, and Wintergrasp. We have applied a debuff to all players in these zones which will decrease the effectiveness of all forms of healing by 10%. This includes heals from items such as Healthstones and potions, however, it will not affect defensive shields or auras. This change is being made to balance the effectiveness of healing against the recent buff we made to the damage reduction component provided by resilience. Rest assured that we will be closely monitoring the effects both the healing and resilience changes have on Battleground, Wintergrasp, and Arena PvP game play to ensure that fights last a reasonable amount of time without overtly skewing the effectiveness of any class, role, or team combination.

The official patch 3.3.2 notes can be found here: http://forums.worldo...748761862&sid=1

Good luck to everyone this season. We'll be doing our access reset in the next day. Back to Top

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Calculates your total honor including battleground mark turn ins, quest turn ins and other currency conversions. The total honor is added to the PVPFrame and a detailed tooltip is shown when mouseover the number. Commendations in your bank are included.

The configuration will allow you to set maximum limits for how many commendations you have, so that for example you can limit the number of Commendation of Bravery between arena seasons to the 5 that you can have at any one time. You can also set a certain amount of a currency to be set aside to spend on something other than honor conversion, for example to buy PVP Enchants, PVP mounts or other gear.

All in all the ultimate honor tracking tool.

Known Issues / ToDo List

  • LDB plugin/Minimap.
  • We do not account for battleground marks sitting in the mailbox.
  • Cross character tracking.
  • Concerted Efforts/For Great Honor are set to use the level 70 or level 80 honor rewards, the actual quest rewards scale with your level. Need assistance in gathering the honor given for these quests between level 61 and 80.

Available on Curse:

Given that Season 8 is coming up, this is a great way to see how much honor you have stacked up and ready to go.Introducing HonorCapItAll

Many thanks to Shefki for keeping us updated! Back to Top

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Posted Image

Curse just opened up a pretty cool new offering to their premiumusers:


We're very excited to share with our community the opportunity to join the Battlefield Bad Company 2 Closed beta for PC!  We've been given 5,000 beta keys by EA and DICE for their upcoming first person shooter, and the best news for the PC community is that it will have dedicated servers!  The key giveaway is currently open to Curse Premium members who are residents of the United States, but stay tuned for additional availability.

If you've been frustrated with the matchmaking systems in other recent games, then this is the game that returns the community feeling for PC players.  Not only that, this game takes team play to a whole new level thanks to new squad-only game modes and multiplayer mechanics like the Destruction 2.0 system.  With character progression as you complete objectives and score kills, along with achievements and a wide variety of multiplayer maps, this game is sure to be a fun addition to the first person shooter genre.

Go check it out!

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