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Quick explanation of  what we're planning:

If everything goes as planned titles should be awarded by Blizzard this week.

We will NOT be adding titles on AJ until we are convinced that the titles on Armory are error free and updated for everyone. So please be patient.

After we display season 7 gladiator titles, we will be doing our regular beginning of season access reset. We will be removing Junkie access from users who do not have a Gladiator title from any season. These users will be able to rejoin the Junkie group for the season by achieving the 2400+ rating cutoff again.

So, if you do not have your past gladiator titles on your AJ account currently please send me a PM and I will have you verify ownership. If you do not have access to the characters for Armory verification, we can't add the titles.

Let's hope titles get awarded smoothly for all. Back to Top

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Got word from Blizzard on a hotfix to buff resilience.

Official Blizzard Quote:

We are currently in the process of applying a hotfix to buff resilience. While some modifications may be made, we intend to have this buff in effect for the remainder of the Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

The change will double the value of resilience in reducing damage done by players. So depending on their current amount of resilience, characters might experience a 10 to 20% decrease in damage taken from other players. The critical strike chance and critical strike damage reduction components of resilience will remain unaffected by this change.

We are also aware of the possibility that this change will make healing in PvP too difficult to counter. While we are not making any immediate changes to address this issue, we have prepared some further changes that will allow us to quickly deploy a PvP-only healing adjustment if we feel it is warranted.

We will be applying this change very soon while we are between Arena seasons so we can evaluate how it works in multiple PvP scenarios for the upcoming Arena season, and as we continue to prepare for Cataclysm. As we have mentioned previously, one of the goals for Cataclysm is to have a PvP environment where it is harder to regularly achieve so much damage and healing in relatively few global cooldowns compared to what we currently have in the game.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Q u o t e:
All you're doing is encouraging DPS to wear MORE PVE gear which is already an issue. Healers are already nearly unstoppable and now you're making it even harder to kill them? Awesome, now I have to raid again to be viable in PvP.

I think teams may try to focus on PvE gear as a way of blowing up healers on the other team. If that doesn't work (because the healer has resilience), then the PvE-geared guys won't have the survivability to stick around long. If you can't blow people up very quickly, then the glass-cannon thing just doesn't work and longevity becomes more important to everyone. If you can blow up healers too easily (while wearing PvE gear), then we might need to buff resilience even more. If you can blow up dps specs wearing PvE gear easily, well, mission accomplished. If you can never defeat healers (note I said defeat, not blow up in 2 globals) then we will need to nerf healing. Again, the goal is to have slightly longer matches with a little more back and forth. (Emphasis on "little" -- 20 min matches can be as tedious as 20 sec matches are unsatisfying.)
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The devs hosted a twitter chat where they did Q&A with folks:

We have listed some of the PVP/Arena related questions the full Q&A can be found here.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Q. If damage and healing is too much per health ratio, then why don't you have battlegrounds/arenas give a -30% damage/healing debuff?
A. We have been talking about solutions like that. It might feel a bit awkward, but it might also solve the problem and maybe it's okay in the last season before an expansion to experiment a little bit.

Q. Are there more plans for unique weapon procs as the game goes forward? How do you see this affecting min/maxing?
A. We want to keep adding procs (and other interesting mechanics) to keep the items from feeling exactly like the item it's replacing with a few more stats. We know they are harder to balance, but that's part of the fun.

Q. City raiding seems like a great way to promote Horde vs. Alliance PVP, will there be additional incentives for this?
A. We like the idea of fighting in cities. We don't like the idea of massive lag from having so many people in one area or players who are just wanting to play the AH or whatever getting nuked. We have some ideas for Cataclysm though.

Q. Following the upcoming protection warrior PvP nerf, do you plan to make our abilities focus on doing threat instead of damage?
A. We are applying threat modifiers where we nerfed damage. We'd also like to boost sustained protection warrior damage (for PvE) without adding too much burst (for PvP).

Hopefully we'll see a lot more community driven interviews like this in the future. Back to Top