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Looks amazing. Good luck to those making the final push for Gladiator.
As a reminder, check out the title calculator to get an idea of where the cutoff is for your BG.

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It is that time again. The title calculator is running to help estimate where the title cutoffs are for season five. If you know any low teams, please add them to the list.

Unfortunately there the hall of fame system seems to be discontinued, but the assumption last season that in game rankings were accurate and that those were reflected on the armory seemed to be correct, so we are going with that.

Also, the Gladiator Bubble is back so keep all end of season "Am I safe" or "Will this rating make it" sort of discussion in that forum.

Best of luck to all in these final weeks, and if anything feels wrong with the calculator feel free to post it here. Back to Top

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We got recent word from Blizzard about the end of Season 5:

Official Blizzard Quote:

We are nearing the end of Arena Season 5, which is currently scheduled to end with or shortly after the release of the next major content update, patch 3.1. A more specific date will be announced as we draw closer to the release of the patch.

As a general reminder, all Arena points will be reset with the start of Arena Season 6, but honor points will remain.

Stay tuned for updates on this season's end as well as our title calculator.

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