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Anyone who has an authenticator attached to their account should run a search (and probably an antivirus scan in case it's on the threat list already) immediately and ensure the file emcor.dll does not exist on your computer. This file is one reported to be allowing hackers to access World of Warcraft accounts that have authenticators attached to them. It's also possible there are other variations of these suspicious files, so if anyone has additional information please respond in the comments.

Based on this thread, the file may be found in /users/username/appdata/Temp. Since the file is fairly new (first mentions of it are only a few days ago), and the common source is unknown, I urge everyone to not log in to World of Warcraft or the account management site until you've run a scan. Confirm your computer is secure before using your authenticator, because this DLL file is allowing hackers to crack through it and access your account.

A warning sign that you're currently infected with this keylogger is that WoW will say your authentication code is incorrect, even if you know for sure you typed in the correct code. Back to Top

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Curse has just launched a brand new fansite for the new Lego MMO coming out soon.


We're proud to announce the new fansite we've pushed live today for Lego Universe! The site will serve as a community and news source for the new MMO Lego Universe!

  We've put together everything you'll need as a new fan in the Lego Universe:
  - Lego Universe Screenshots and gallery
- Lego Uni Interview with Creative Director Ryan Seabury
- Lego Uni fansite forums
- Lego CES 2010 Trailer
- Thoughts on Player Housing in Lego Universe
- Exclusive New Screenshots 2/22/10!

Lego Universe is being developed by NetDevil and is scheduled to release in 2010!

  To join this new community and learn more about the game visit: www.LegoUni.com!

I'm curious what you guys think of the game. It looks like it's geared to a  younger crowd and I can't imagine a very hardcore PVP system but it still has some interesting possibilities, namely crafting. Back to Top

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Well after lots of heated discussion about the system and lots of suggestions for how to fix it, we have decided to try the reputation system with only positive rep. This will cut down on trolling and hopefully still motivate people to post higher quality.

I have dropped any negative reputation you may have received in the past.

I have also made the reputation bars require take more reputation to build up.

Since the beginning I have said that we are testing the rep system to see if it can work here. In trying to weigh all the feedback, this seems like a reasonable next step before we abandon the rep system entirely. Use it for a while and let us know what you think. Back to Top