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We had a lot of fun over the past day with our Cataclysm beta giveaway. Hopefully you guys did too.

We had 2241 of you guys roll to win one of 50 keys. Here are the winners. These are the 50 highest rollers and these guys will be getting PMs with their beta keys by this evening. (The lowest roll was a 147 :/)

Congratulations guys! Enjoy and be sure to share your thoughts on the beta with us in our Cataclysm forum. The dice roll is in parenthesis.

A quick note on redemption: You should log into your battle.net account to redeem your key.

Known Redemption Problems: Both EU and US BNet have some reported problems of beta keys not working properly. This is a bug in the new BNet system and Blizzard is aware of the issue and working on a fix. So, let's hope it's all cleared up.

Thanks for playing guys! Back to Top

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We're extremely happy to announce that Blizzard has sent us some Cataclysm Beta keys to give away!

We want to get the winners into the beta as soon as possible, so this giveaway is quick and simple. You'll be rolling the dice to win your beta key.

  • You MUST have been a member BEFORE this announcement was made.
  • Due to our limited number of beta keys, you MUST be a JUNKIE user.
  • You have one roll.
  • The roll phase ends at Noon tomorrow EST: 7/29/2010 @ 12:00:00
  • The top 50 rolls win a Cataclysm Beta Key

Roll for Cataclysm Beta!

After the roll phase has ended, we'll announce the winners and issue the beta keys! Happy rolling!

Good luck. Back to Top

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Claim Your Key!

At noon EST, 11 minutes from the time of this post, Junkie users can begin to claim their beta keys for the Bloodline Champions Arena Junkies Tournament. Tournament Details

After at 12:30, 41 minutes from the time of this post, all users with more than 200 posts can claim a key.

At 1:00, 1 hour 11 minutes from the time of this post, all registered and junkie users can claim keys until we run out.

Claim Your Key

Activate Your Key!

Once you claim your key, you should proceed to: http://www.bloodline...ount_create.php to register an account and apply your Beta key. When I signed up - I did not find a link to download the game. More to follow :)

You can directly download the client from Bloodline Champions. Or you can opt for the torrent(which is reported to be faster).

Have fun guys and kick some ass! I want us to have teams at Dreamhack! Let me know if you have any problems. I will be posting instructions on activating and downloading soon! Back to Top