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Let's see what happens.

Opening Ceremony

  • 10 more minutes until go time, this place is packed.
  • Deckard Cain just asked us to turn off our cell phones. It's about to begin.
  • Gary Platner - a lead artists on the World of Warcraft team takes the stage first. Just seems to be warming the crowd up and going over some logistics.
  • Mike Morhaime taking the stage - CEO and BLizzard Cofounder
  • Epic Milestones: 12 Million people playing WoW and growing.
  • Epic Milestones: This February will be Blizzard's 20th anniversary
  • SC2 team working on custom games using editor, including Blizzard DoTA - will be released for free through Battle.net. We'll see them here first.
  • Arthas has been slain about 489,000 times
  • SC2 was the fastest selling strategy game of all time.
  • Movie Reel - Taking a look back at the highlights from last year, starting with Blizzcon 2009 - showed some WoW arena play
  • Total giving away $200,000 to all the tournaments going on here this weekend.
  • Expansion will be released as a download through Battle.net. Will be able to download all the content in advance and begin playing as soon as the game launches. Pre-orders to go on sale soon.
  • Major Update on Diablo III with Chris Metzen
  • Talking about what it means to be a 'Geek'
    • Geek is growing up playing with toys
    • Geek is rolling a natural twenty. Hex die on board.
    • Geek is crushing your enemies
    • Geek is comics - Captain America
    • Geek is Thundercats
    • Geek is Star Wars
    • Geek is imagining you can ride dragons and joust across the sky
    • Geek is action figures with the kung fu grip
    • Geek is frank miller, reminding us how terrifying batman can be
    • Geek is remember that there is no spoon.
    • Geek is actually being terrified during late night Doom II sessions
    • Geek is Battlestar
    • Geek is exploring the vast lands of EQ with your friends for the first time. None of us would be here without EQ
    • Geek is Star Trek - Picture of Piccard as Borg. Resistance is NEVER futile.
    • Geek is AD&D. Imagining far flung worlds of your very own
    • Geek is believing that the reason we love these characters is because there is a hero inside every one of us that is ready to come forward.

  • Now, down to business about Diablo III
    • Showing the final player class:showing sick cinematic.
    • The Demon Hunter - dual wielding Cross bows in movie.
    • "I stand alone and if they keep coming, I will never stop killing"

  • Announcing PVP Battle Arenas for Diablo III! - Cinematic
  • Class Battles and Team Battles - looked SICK. On demo here.
  • Showing Cata intro now
  • And that's it.
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It's that time again, Blizzcon time. I'm out here in Anaheim and Frst will join me tomorrow to help with all the coverage.

There are no PvP specific panels this year, but the tournament will be running throughout the convention and we'll be bringing you live updates from there.  We will also be covering the opening events live as well as panels we think may be interesting to you guys. So, you'll want to stay tuned in this weekend to make sure you stay up to date.


Select Photos From Around the Convention
Frst throwing up the AJ tag ;)






Jack Black before heading out on stage.

Also, we would love a chance to talk to any of the players competing. If you're on one of the teams competing, look for myself or Frst loitering around the tournament stage area. We will be wearing ArenaJunkies t-shirts. (Would love to hear from ANY AJ members who might be here as well, so stop by and say hi if you see one of us.)

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I'm getting a lot of questions about when we will be updating with Season 8 titles on everyone's profiles.

We're going to wait a little bit longer to make sure all the titles are here to stay and error free. After we're comfortable with that we'll start displaying Season 8 titles. So have a little patience with us, we'll get them up soon enough :P

Congrats to everyone who got the title they were going for. Back to Top