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We'll be heading down to the tournament stage here in a few minutes.

The stream can be viewed for free at: http://blizzcon.rayv.com/


Grand Final
  • :druid::shaman::warlock: *aAa* (W) vs compLexity.Red :druid::mage::warlock:

Championship Bracket

Round 1
  • :druid::shaman::warlock: *aAa* (W) vs MLS :mage::shaman::warlock:
  • :druid::deathknight::paladin: Tt eSports vs When the Stars Align (W) :druid::priest::shaman:
  • :mage::priest::rogue: Loaded (W) vs ROC :druid::warlock::warrior:
  • :druid::mage::warlock: compLexity.Red (W) vs LightZ CaMerA ActioN :druid::shaman::warlock:

Round 2
  • :druid::shaman::warlock: *aAa* (W) vs When the Stars Align :druid::priest::shaman:
  • :mage::priest::rogue: Loaded vs compLexity.Red (W) :druid::mage::warlock:

Round 3
  • :druid::shaman::warlock: *aAa* (W) vs compLexity.Red :druid::mage::warlock:

Consolation Bracket

Round 1
  • :mage::shaman::warlock: MLS (W) vs Tt eSports :druid::deathknight::paladin:
  • :druid::warlock::warrior: ROC vs LightZ CaMerA ActioN (W) :druid::shaman::warlock:

Round 2
  • :mage::shaman::warlock: MLS vs Loaded (W) :mage::priest::rogue:
  • :druid::shaman::warlock: LightZ CaMerA ActioN (W) vs When the Stars Align :druid::priest::shaman:

Round 3
  • :druid::shaman::warlock: LightZ CaMerA ActioN (W) vs Loaded :mage::priest::rogue:

Lower Bracket Final
  • :druid::shaman::warlock: LightZ CaMerA ActioN vs compLexity.Red (W) :druid::mage::warlock:


compLexity.Red - North America
:warlock: Kelvin "Snutz" Nguyen (Human Warlock)
:druid: Alex "Sodah" Ringe (Night Elf Druid)
:mage: Elliot "Venruki" Venczel (Human Mage)

When the Stars Align - North America
:priest: Rodney "Talbadar" Pare (Undead Priest)
:shaman: Kyle "Novoz" Mckitrick (Orc Shaman)
:druid: Alexey "Diziet" Malafeev (Tauren Druid)

*aAa* - Europe
:shaman: Romain "Hrk" Neveu (Draenei Shaman)
:druid: Alexis "Enigmz" Martin (Night Elf Druid)
:warlock: Fabio "Jamesbond" Nardelli (Human Warlock)

LightZ CaMerA ActioN - Europe
:shaman: Anton "Dayliex" Kudryavtsev (Draenei Shaman)
:warlock: Patrick "Inflame" Costales (Human Warlock)
:druid: Jen├Á "Lopaay" Tanis (Night Elf Druid)

Loaded - South Korea
:mage: Nae-Hyun "Orangemarmal" Kang (Undead Mage)
:priest: Seoung-Ouk "Numberone" Oh (Undead Priest)
:rogue: Min-Kyu "Satz" Cho (Undead Rogue)

MLS - South Korea
:shaman: Dong-Kyu "Fascinate" Kim (Draenei Shaman)
:warlock: Hyung-Seob "Lonewolf" Kim (Human Warlock)
:mage: Dong-Jin "Gasper" Moon (Human Mage)

Tt eSports - Taiwan
:paladin: Chieh-Hao "KEK" Teng (Blood Elf Paladin)
:deathknight: Chi-Shing "GUCCI" Cheung (Orc Death Knight)
:druid: Hui-Chung "Mistake" Chen (Tauren Druid)

ROC - Taiwan
:warrior: Chien-Cheng "Wanfu" Kuo (Orc Warrior)
:warlock: Peng-Pan "Pan" Fung (Undead Warlock)
:druid: Yu-Hsien "Cky" Huang (Tauren Druid)

Discusion for the tournament should all be here. Back to Top

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Let's see what happens.

Opening Ceremony

  • 10 more minutes until go time, this place is packed.
  • Deckard Cain just asked us to turn off our cell phones. It's about to begin.
  • Gary Platner - a lead artists on the World of Warcraft team takes the stage first. Just seems to be warming the crowd up and going over some logistics.
  • Mike Morhaime taking the stage - CEO and BLizzard Cofounder
  • Epic Milestones: 12 Million people playing WoW and growing.
  • Epic Milestones: This February will be Blizzard's 20th anniversary
  • SC2 team working on custom games using editor, including Blizzard DoTA - will be released for free through Battle.net. We'll see them here first.
  • Arthas has been slain about 489,000 times
  • SC2 was the fastest selling strategy game of all time.
  • Movie Reel - Taking a look back at the highlights from last year, starting with Blizzcon 2009 - showed some WoW arena play
  • Total giving away $200,000 to all the tournaments going on here this weekend.
  • Expansion will be released as a download through Battle.net. Will be able to download all the content in advance and begin playing as soon as the game launches. Pre-orders to go on sale soon.
  • Major Update on Diablo III with Chris Metzen
  • Talking about what it means to be a 'Geek'
    • Geek is growing up playing with toys
    • Geek is rolling a natural twenty. Hex die on board.
    • Geek is crushing your enemies
    • Geek is comics - Captain America
    • Geek is Thundercats
    • Geek is Star Wars
    • Geek is imagining you can ride dragons and joust across the sky
    • Geek is action figures with the kung fu grip
    • Geek is frank miller, reminding us how terrifying batman can be
    • Geek is remember that there is no spoon.
    • Geek is actually being terrified during late night Doom II sessions
    • Geek is Battlestar
    • Geek is exploring the vast lands of EQ with your friends for the first time. None of us would be here without EQ
    • Geek is Star Trek - Picture of Piccard as Borg. Resistance is NEVER futile.
    • Geek is AD&D. Imagining far flung worlds of your very own
    • Geek is believing that the reason we love these characters is because there is a hero inside every one of us that is ready to come forward.

  • Now, down to business about Diablo III
    • Showing the final player class:showing sick cinematic.
    • The Demon Hunter - dual wielding Cross bows in movie.
    • "I stand alone and if they keep coming, I will never stop killing"

  • Announcing PVP Battle Arenas for Diablo III! - Cinematic
  • Class Battles and Team Battles - looked SICK. On demo here.
  • Showing Cata intro now
  • And that's it.
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