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Today, We visit WoWverload again while they continue to cover the blizzard arena pass server! James and Shawn have organized a hand full of top EU teams to play between 22cet & 24cet on Arena Pass Realm, the guys also still want your arena pass character names to see if they might be able find you in the arena tonight!
Every Monday - 4:00 PM EST/22 CET

Watch it Here

This week the teams featured on WoWverload are:

Team 1: Draintrain (Warlock), Barbarus (Warrior), Demun (Paladin)
aka RnGpArTy (http://armory.wow-eu...select=RnGpArTy)

Team 2: Desis (Rogue), Inflame (Warlock), Moonies (Shaman)
aka timing or trinket procs (http://armory.wow-eu...ur trinketprocs)

Team3: Sk.Sansibar: Noonia (Deathknight/Murloc) Fraki (druid/priest/Paladin) Kitaen (Warrior/Paladin)

Team4: You guys!!  Post your character names and queue tonight!!! Back to Top

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Today, like every Monday, we've got another live episode of WoWverload. but this time we've got a lot of live arena action for you!

Every Monday - 4:00 PM EST/22 CET

Watch it Here

This week the features:
  • James sits  alone in the ESL TV studio with a EU Arena pass camera account (this  means he can watch any game he wants live on the EU Server) he will then  stream this...
  • James has also asked many top teams to queue to ensure some  high quality gamage tonight
  • James also wants you guys to  post your EU Arena pass character names in this thread so he can maybe  stream your games! (please queue from 22cet-23.20cet) e-fame inc?
  • James loves bacon sandwiches, their his fav! nomnomnom

So tune in an listen to James talk about bacon sandwiches. It will be a fun one.

Enjoy. Back to Top

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Even though we're a World of Warcraft arena site, I know lots of you guys are excited about SC2, and rightfully so.

I just wanted to let you guys know that Curse has launched a brand new portal for SC2 complete with SC2 Custom Map hosting and development.


Starcraft II is easily one of most anticipated games of 2010, and who  would we be if we didn't cover it and build the best fansites available  for this new title! Well....We're proud to announce the release of a  new section here at Curse; our Starcraft 2 Map Hosting portal!

We've previously mentioned SC2Mapster.com, which is our development/author  community for Starcraft 2 maps, and how they've been hard at work on  creating high-quality maps for the upcoming mega-hit from Blizzard. Now  we've got a place for you to go and download until your heart is  content!

Our amazing author community has already pieced together nearly 250 Starcraft 2 maps with various types of gameplay,  objectives, and styles. Interested in learning more about the map editor  tools yourself? Visit our Starcraft 2 Forums at SC2Mapster.com to find out  more!

Get started now on our new SC2 Map Hosting site!

Check it out and enjoy. Back to Top