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This is the SECOND reminder about this. We're getting very close to the AJ relaunch on a totally new platform with some pretty slick improvements. We are restructuring the login system to unify our site with the rest of the Curse network. This means things like Curse premium will work automatically.

  • If you have a Curse.com account please make sure the email on your Curse account that account matches the email you have on your main account here.

  • If you do not have a Curse.com account - don't worry about it.

If you have any questions please send me a PM. If you do this quick check now, it will make things much easier. Premium members will be getting a preview of this in the coming days and helping us test the system.

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I've been thrilled to continue to get tons of great class guides pouring in even after our Guide Giveaway ended. The authors of these guides have put a ton of work into them; they are going to help tons of people their ratings up.

For now, the guides are going to remain in their respective class forums as stickies. I have also updated the Strategy section of the website to link to class guides. I will continue to update this listing with new guides as they go up, so continue to check in!

Updated Cataclysm Strategy Section

We're still offering 1 year of Curse Premium to any guide we decide to list in the Strategy section. I'm specifically looking for comprehensive class guides for :mage: Mage, :rogue: Rogue, and :priest: Priest. Send me a PM if you get one written and posted in your class forum.

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We have just put a VERY beta Conquest Point Calculator up in our Tools section.

This is based on Felbent's work which you can find in this thread. The reason it's not entirely accurate is because we don't have a formula straight from Blizzard like we did for Arena Points. So, Felbent, has been working since Cata launched to come up with a formula for us. It's pretty close, but we're still working to make it as accurate as possible, so bear with us as we continue to refine it.

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