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ProGameX WoW Arena Spring 2014 Tournament

ProGameX and Bleached Bones will be hosting a tournament on 5th and 6th of April 2014. It'll be an invitational for 8 teams, and they stated they will be giving opportunities to fresh teams and not just well-known players.

Register for the tournament here!

Prize pool
1800 € Total, spread among first three teams as following:
900 € for the first place
600 € for the 2nd place
300 € for the 3rd place

Commentator: Azael

Tournament structure
8 teams are going to be put into 4 groups thus each group will have 2 teams.
The winner will be determined in bo3 and will be able to proceed, which means that 4 teams will move on to double elimination.

Schedule and registration
The tournament will take place on 5th and 6th of April.
In order to register to the tournament you and your team mates should be the registered users of ProGameX.com.
The registration process ends 3 days before the tournament.

Tournament administration reserves the right to make the decisions and alter the rules as the tournament progresses. Back to Top

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Mists of Pandaria - Featured Guides - March

Between last month's "Featured Guides" post and now there were tons of quality guides made on Arena Junkies. Thank you to the guide makers! It was hard choosing one guide out of the many that was made, but it was decided for this month "Jaime's Advanced Warrior 5.4.7 Guide" would be featured.

Posted Image

Jaimie's guide features a lot of useful information for anyone looking to try Warriors out in arenas. It has all the basic information you need such as macros, talents, reforging and more. In addition, it also adds a lot of in-depth views on what the poster's personal preferences are such as using "Double Time".

Posted Image

I greatly encourage anyone who's looking for guides to check out the Strategy Section of Arena Junkies. A lot of it has been filled between this last month. Back to Top

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PvP Live - Armageddon Series 2014 Tournament this Weekend

The Armageddon Tournament will begin tomorrow! It'll be starting off with the Friday Night Face Off where 4 teams will compete for entry into the main brackets.

For more info go here.


Friday Night Face Off
At 8:30pm Eastern / 5:30pm Pacific, we have the return of PVP Live's Friday Night Face Off!
Four teams will battle it out for their chance at the 8th seed spot in Armageddon. Our host Jason will team up with the best shoutcasters in the business, Azael and Vhell, to bring you in on all the action.

BRCleave (Featuring Ryndy, Bielxoxo, and Zeshisatinj)
You Make My Cat Smile (Featuring Piecez, Vaze, and Sandram)
The Boys Are Back (Featuring Eliteqt, MarilynXO, and Mitchjones)
Jalapeno Hotties (Featuring Fuzionn, Tonystyle, and Joru)

Live from 2pm - 10pm Eastern / 11am - 7pm Pacific

The main event begins today as the winner of our Friday Night Face Off joins seven other teams for Armageddon!

Eight teams fight it out in a double elimination bracket, with the final four winners advancing to the Semi-Finals on Sunday. Hosted by Jason Mackaw with shoutcasting by Azael and Vhell, this will be the premiere World of Warcraft Arena event in 2014.

Skill Capped (Featuring Sodah, Talbadar, and Chanimals)
You Will Love or Hate This (Featuring Vanguards, Yoske, and Rhee)
Juice (Featuring Jahmilli, Zunniyaki, and Starship)
Pretty Standard (Featuring Nadagastt, Djpikaboo, and Burb)
Lama Cleave (Featuring Ald, Smexxin, and Verdantstorm)
Blacksmith Hammers Equip (Featuring Novoz, Thugonomics, and Dannycarrey)
Three Amigos (Featuring Snutz, Venruki, and Cdew)
Friday Night Face Off Winner

Live from 12:30pm - 6pm Eastern / 9:30am - 3pm Pacific
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