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Road to BlizzCon: Final NA Qualifiers Broadcast This Saturday!

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Official Blizzard Quote:

The Road to BlizzCon marches on! Three North American teams have already qualified for the Americas Regionals tournament later this year, and this Saturday, the top 8 teams from our final North American Online Qualifier Cup will fight for their chance to join them.

Veteran Arena commentators Jared “vhell” Coulston and Josh “Lore” Allen will once again talk us through all the action live at Twitch.tv/WoW. For this event, we’ve got an extra treat—they’ll be joined by Jackson “Bajheera” Bliton, who will bring his years of 3v3 Arena experience to provide in-depth commentary and analysis on each match as it unfolds.

What’s more, Senior Game Designer Brian Holinka will stop by to talk about World of Warcraft PvP design, including lessons learned from Warlords of Draenor and a glimpse at future plans for World of Warcraft: Legion.

It all starts on Saturday, August 15 at 2 p.m. Pacific time (check here for your local time zone). More information on the brackets, as well as the teams that are competing, is available on Battlefy. Who will rise up and claim the three remaining spots at the Americas Regionals?
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The Next WoW Expansion: Legion and Major PvP Updates

The WoW expansion was released today at Gamescon. The next expansion will be World of Warcraft: Legion!

Here are some major notes that directly affect PvP from Gamescon, make sure to watch the video to catch more details:

New Class: Demon Hunter
- Starts at a High Level (Hero Class)
- Has Havoc (DPS) and Vengeance (Tank) Specialization
- Uses a Fury resource system
- Has an Invisibility detection skill
*A new DPS class will effect the meta greatly, especially since Demon Hunter will likely be very popular.

New Honor System for PvP Only
- Will essentially have another Talent System for PvP
- This system will allow PvP only Skills
- This will likely allow more "Knobs" for developers to control for balance that won't affect PvE
- Some example skills show in the video:
   - Necrotic Strike (Previous Death Knight ability, absorbs healing)
   - Abolish Magic (Dispels all Magic every 2 seconds for 6 seconds)
   - Blood and Soul (Bloodlust on a lower cooldown)
- They want gear to play a smaller role in PvP
*More "Knobs" sound like an awesome idea. Hopefully this will allow more detailed balance changes for PvP.
*Unsure on grinding gear vs grinding talents at the moment. Will have to see what the details are regarding that.

A picture of the Talent System:

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Sign ups for the Third cup of the North American Online Qualifiers are currently open.


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The march down the road to BlizzCon 2015 is has commenced! Arena teams across North America can now sign up for the online North American Qualifiers and fight to become one of six teams that will continue on to the North American Regionals later this year. There, they’ll battle against one team from Latin America and one team from Australia & New Zealand to find out who’s heading to the World Championships at BlizzCon 2015.

Teams will have the opportunity to compete for their place at the NA Regionals over three online cups, produced in partnership with GCDTV:

Cup 3: August 11 – August 15 (three teams qualify)

Tuesday, August 11 5:00PM EST - 2:00AM EST - Round 1 (Not Streamed)

Wednesday, August 12 5:00PM EST - 2:00AM EST- Round 1 (Not Streamed)

Thursday, August 13 5:00PM EST - 2:00AM EST- Round 2 (Not Streamed)

Friday, August 14 5:00PM EST - 2:00AM EST- Round 2 (Not Streamed)

Saturday, August 15 2:00PM PDT - Round of 8 (Top 8 Teams)

Live broadcast begins Saturday August 15th at 2:00PM PDT on Twitch.tv/WoW

These cups will use a single-elimination tournament structure. Matches will be best of 3 up until the semifinals, which will be best of 5, with a best of 7 series at the finals. Because of this, we highly encourage teams to make use of the 4-player team roster we’re allowing in this year’s tournament, to allow for some extra flexibility in their team’s class composition.
Brackets will be seeded according to the average Arena Ladder rating (CR) of the three highest-rated players on the team’s roster. Teams who qualify for the North American Regionals will not be allowed to compete again in the online NA Qualifiers. Teams who do not qualify may continue to compete in any remaining cups.
We’ll have more details on these qualifier cups—including when you’ll be able to watch the action live onTwitch.tv/WoW—in the coming weeks.


Below, you’ll find links to everything you need to know to compete, including official rules and sign-up instructions, so please read everything carefully before you get started.
One notable addition this year is the Macro and Script Whitelist. To help ensure that everyone is on an even playing field, we’ve assembled a list of macros and scripts that we’ve determined are acceptable for players to use in our in-person events, starting with the Regionals through BlizzCon itself. Anything not listed will be disallowed from use during these live competitions.
This restriction will not be in place for the online NA Qualifier cups, but we wanted to present it now to make sure teams have time to prepare. If you feel a vital macro or script has been omitted from the list.



In order for an Arena team to be able to compete in the North American Qualifiers, they must fulfill some basic eligibility requirements:

  • All players on the team’s roster must have an Arena Ladder rating (CR) of at least 2000 by July 9th, 2015 to be eligible for Online Cup 1.
    • This rating requirement will be updated for subsequent cups.
  • All players must have appropriate residency:
  • See below for complete details on proof of residency verification

Note: Although players from Australia/New Zealand and some Latin American countries are eligible to compete in the North American Arena Qualifiers, we encourage those players to consider competing at their respective regional qualifiers instead. Players who compete in the Australia & New Zealand or Latin American qualifiers will not be eligible to compete in the NA qualifiers, and vice versa.
Information on qualifiers for those regions can be found here:

Click here to read this entire Blog post on battle.net

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