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Talent Guide Made By Arrann
This is the spec that I will be using throughout 4.0.6. This thread is to get beginner holy paladins thinking on the right track with descriptions of each talent point and why certain ones are essential. This spec is the result of many games and fit to my own tastes. [i]There are many viable specs with many talent points being subject to personal taste.

Tier 1

Arbiter of the Light [0/2]: I don't think this needs an explanation. Worthless for a holy paladin.

Protector of the Innocent [3/3]: I have 3 points in protector of the innocent, which is essentially a permanent beacon on yourself. It is very useful for keeping yourself topped off and dealing with spread pressure. Some people will only put 2 points in this talent just so they can access the next tier which is perfectly fine. However I like to get as much healing from it as possible because, as I mentioned, it's great for dealing with spread pressure.

Judgements of the Pure [3/3]: I put 3 talent points in judgements of the pure because the haste is a valuable stat. Faster casts = more hps = less teammates dying. Simple enough.

Tier 2

Clarity of Purpose [3/3]: Towards the end of matches I find myself forced to use holy light a lot if I'm low on mana. Without this talent your casting speed on divine light and holy light will be too low to use them efficiently.

Last Word [2/2]: Max out Last Word because it's crit when it counts. With 2/2, your WoG is almost always going to crit when your partners are dangerously low and that extra healing is always welcome.

Blazing Light [0/2]: There are very few situations in 3s/5s where you will be spamming exorcisms and 20% probably won't be game breaking. Offensive holy shocks have a 20 yd range and exorcism has a 30 yd range, and you should usually be max distance to avoid nasty cc anyways (40 yds).

Tier 3

Denounce [2/2]: Like I said, there are very few situations where you will be spamming exorcism in 3s/5s. However, those situations do eventually come and you can't afford to be spending 7k mana on each exorcism. You will also almost always have a free instant exorcism up which is useful for taking down grounding totems.

Divine Favor [1/1]: I don't think this essential cooldown needs an explanation.

Infusion of Light [2/2]: One of our most vital talents. 10% more crit chance on your heal that you should be using every 6 seconds. When it procs, you get a very valuable heal that will rarely be interrupted. If you're playing against someone that goes for the interrupt on it, then it is insanely easy to juke them.

Daybreak [2/2]: Another essential talent. 20% chance to give you a free holy shock and in turn another holy power when casting your heals. I don't think there's any debate over this one.

Tier 4

Enlightened Judgements [1/2]: You need at least 1 point in this talent for the hit rating. Some people use 2/2 for the extra range and bigger heal (I currently do pre 4.0.6 but I plan on changing it). As I said earlier, you will usually be healing at max range so it helps to have a judgement range that matches your healing range. You should be judging on cooldown to keep your mana up and sometimes 5 yds can help. The extra healing can be nice because judgement is usable while you are blanket silenced. So if you're being targeted, a 4k heal on yourself can help out a little whereas you won't be doing shit else in the silence. It also heals your beacon target for a shitty amount (every little bit counts).

Beacon of Light [1/1]: No explanation needed (I hope)

Speed of Light [3/3]: As most of you are aware, getting CC'd sucks as a holy paladin and will usually be why you lost. Eventually in a match you're going to have to give up your position for a new one whether it's because of a priest coming towards you or your teammates pushing in to the opposing team. Being able to move quickly to your new position will minimize the risk of you getting CC'd, although it comes at a hefty cost of 10k mana (worth it). The sprint is also useful when you are being targetted and coupled with a freedom on yourself to get away. Also 3% haste yay.

Sacred Cleansing [1/1]: No explanation needed. Op dispels

Tier 5

Conviction [0/3]: I'm not sure if other paladins pick this up but I personally stay away from stacking buffs. I feel the talents are better spent elsewhere.

Aura mastery [1/1]: Essential cooldown

Paragon of Virtue [2/2]: Reduces the cooldown of 3 very important spells. I don't think this needs much explanation either.

Tower of Radiance [3/3]: I usually have beacon on the target I'm healing, and this talent will basically give you 1 holy power each time you cast a heal. That turns out to be ~5k free healing attached to each heal. I'll go ahead and say yes to that.

Blessed Life [2/2]: Free holy power = free heals. Some people only put 1 talent point in this, however I don't like the rely on the RNG of it even if it is 50%. You won't notice a difference if you're getting hit rapidly, but if you aren't taking damage except for maybe a judge from another paladin every 8 seconds (just an example), that's twice as much free holy power you are generating.

Tier 6

Light of Dawn [0/1]: LOL

Ret Subspec

Tier 1

Eye for an Eye [0/2]: No.

Crusade [3/3]: 30% more healing on holy shock which should be used every 6 seconds is great in my opinion. The other part of this talent makes holy light heal for 400% when you kill a shadow priest's shadow apparition, demonic imp, or land a killing blow on a pet/player. This means your next holy light is healing for more than divine light at 2/7 the cost.

Improved Judgement [2/2]: Like I said earlier, both maintaining your position and judging on cooldown are very important and this talent makes it possible. I can't imagine trying to judge on cooldown while keeping a good position if my judgement had a <20yd range.

Tier 2

Guardian's Favor [2/2]: A lot of people don't take this talent however I still find it useful. The argument is that freedom will often be dispelled instantly anyways. However with the nerf to purge, it should stay up a bit more often and spellsteal only has a 33% chance to remove it with a blessing and beacon protecting it (and possibly our mastery shield too).

Protection Subspec

Tier 1

Divinity [2/3]: I like this talent because extra healing is always welcome in my book. I even prefer this extra healing over some other talents. This talent isn't a necessity by any means and can be switched out for other talents that fit your own personal taste.

Eternal Glory [0/2]: This is a popular choice among other paladins. It gives you a 30% chance to gain a lot of free healing. However I don't like to depend on RNG. It also takes a second to determine if it procs or not and I don't like waiting to see if it did. This is another talent that is up to your own personal taste and it's not a bad talent by any means.

So that sums up the spec and now onto glyphs.

Prime Glyphs: Holy Shock, Word of Glory, and Seal of Insight. I don't think there's any competition to these glyphs. The only possible competitor is the 10 additional seconds to a talent that is only usable every 3 minutes and is easily dispelled.

Major Glyphs: Cleansing, Beacon of Light, and Turn Evil. Turn evil is a must have (it's OP!). Cleansing helps to keep my mana up because I personally am constantly spamming cleanse. You'd be surprised at how much you refresh beacon of light against tough opponents (if you're playing correctly).

Minor Glyphs: Blessing of Kings, Blessing of Might, and Seal of Insight. There's really no competition here.

So that's pretty much everything that I can think of. This is the first guide I've made and I'm sure I made some errors throughout, but overall I hope it helps for you beginners.

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