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I've been thrilled to continue to get tons of great class guides pouring in even after our Guide Giveaway ended. The authors of these guides have put a ton of work into them; they are going to help tons of people their ratings up.

For now, the guides are going to remain in their respective class forums as stickies. I have also updated the Strategy section of the website to link to class guides. I will continue to update this listing with new guides as they go up, so continue to check in!

Updated Cataclysm Strategy Section

We're still offering 1 year of Curse Premium to any guide we decide to list in the Strategy section. I'm specifically looking for comprehensive class guides for :mage: Mage, :rogue: Rogue, and :priest: Priest. Send me a PM if you get one written and posted in your class forum.

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We have just put a VERY beta Conquest Point Calculator up in our Tools section.

This is based on Felbent's work which you can find in this thread. The reason it's not entirely accurate is because we don't have a formula straight from Blizzard like we did for Arena Points. So, Felbent, has been working since Cata launched to come up with a formula for us. It's pretty close, but we're still working to make it as accurate as possible, so bear with us as we continue to refine it.

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It's been great seeing so many people return to WoW and Arena with Cataclysm and you guys are back to posting great information. We want to make sure AJ stays a place where serious, hardcode PvP discussion can occur. So we are going to tighten up moderation for all of the content forums so that we can ensure we've got the highest quality PvP information out there.

Content forums include all of the forums under Junkies Only, excluding BG forums and the Rant Room.

The rules aren't changing, we're just going to start enforcing them more strictly. I recommend everyone review the rules and only post if you have something constructive to say.

Also, if you notice posts that aren't contributing to constructive discussion the best thing to do is hit the report button and we'll get it handled.

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