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Hopefully Season 9 went well for you and in a week you'll be sitting pretty with your Gladiator title. And if you miss the title you were gunning for this season, we'll be here to help you step up your game in Season 10.

Season 9, like every other season had its good times and its hard times. There is already more than enough retrospective to me and the moderator team busy for a while. But, we're always more excited to see what happens in Season 10. So, in the spirit of looking forward, here is a reminder about the transition  period from Season 9 to Season 10:

From the end of season announcement:

Official Blizzard Quote:

Arena and Rated Battleground Season 9 is scheduled to end as early as June 28. At that point we will determine who is eligible for the end-of-season rewards, a process that should take approximately one week. It's very important for players who feel that they may be eligible for Arena titles and/or the Vicious Gladiator’s Twilight Drake to refrain from transferring their characters to another realm or faction until after Season 9 ends. During the break between seasons, all Rated Battleground and Arena matches will be unavailable.

At the end of the season, Conquest Points will be converted to Honor Points, possibly exceeding the 4,000 point Honor cap. All Season 9 items will cost Honor Points (equivalent to their previous Conquest Point cost) when the season ends, with the exception of any items with rating requirements attached. These items will no longer be available for purchase.

The next Arena and Rated Battleground season will begin for level-85 players approximately one week after the end of Season 9 and will coincide with the awarding of Season 9 titles and mounts. At that time, any Honor accrued above the 4,000-point cap will be converted into gold at a rate of 35 silver per point. In addition, Season 10 rewards will be made available for purchase with Conquest Points awarded during the new season. All Team and Personal Ratings will be wiped when Season 10 begins. Matchmaking Ratings, however, will carry over into Season 10.
...and from the 4.2 Patch Notes

Official Blizzard Quote:

  • The individual Matchmaking Rating column has been removed from the Arena scoreboard.
  • The Ring of Valor has been added to the Arena rotation once again. Players no longer start the match on elevators at the center of the map. They now begin the match in starting rooms on opposite sides of the Arena.

  • The individual Matchmaking Rating column has been removed from the Rated Battleground scoreboard and replaced with a team Matchmaking Rating.
  • Eye of the Storm has been added into the rotation as a 10-man Rated Battleground. The tug-of-war style capture points have been replaced with Arathi Basin style capture points to better support 10v10 competition. This change applies only to Rated Battlegrounds. Eye of the Storm is otherwise still a 15-player Battleground with tug-of-war style capture points.
  • Warsong Gulch has been added back into the Rated Battleground rotation.
  • War Games
  • Many improvements have been made to the War Games interface. It now has its own panel for ease of use and raid/group leaders are the only ones who can challenge another group to War Games.

On top of a new Arena season, we have some big plans for Season 10 here on ArenaJunkies as well. Of course, you can expect our regular end of season routine where we reset Junkie access for those who do not have a Gladiator title.  There are also some feature improvements in the pipeline we hope to see pushed out during this season that should make the experience on AJ much better and more useful for everyone.

We always get excited for a new season to crank up and give us a fresh start. Here's to an exciting Season 10.

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Hey guys,

Our team had a long week getting restoring service to all of our sites and upgrading our network hardware. We're back on track now and, all Curse websites are back online. Thank you for your patience with us through this week - it's been rough for all of us.

Bringing you guys the best experience possible across the network is our primary goal. Rest assured, we will continue to expand our network infrastructure to prevent this from happening again.

Again, thanks for bearing with us. Good luck in the final days of the season!

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GIVEAWAY UPDATE: The giveaway has ended and winners have been selected on AJ as well as FB for the giveaway. Thanks for bearing with us and being some of the first people right back on AJ. Congrats to the winners. You have a PM here or a message from me on Facebook!

...And we're back! My apologies for the extended downtime. The Curse network servers suffered a catastrophic hardware failure that took us out. Our team has been working tirelessly over the last couple days and nights to get us back online. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused, especially in the last week to push for Gladiator! Thanks for your patience on this one.

Also, we may experience some additional downtime in the next day as hardware is replaced.

But, what actually happened?

This is the current update from Curse what happened to cause this major network-wide crash and what we're doing to make sure it doesn't happen again.


What Happened?

Around 7:30 AM PST on Wednesday, June 22nd one of the storage array network (SAN) controller nodes in our Atlanta datacenter failed, causing all the sites on the Curse network to go offline. This is a highly redundant system with a backup controller which should have taken over automatically. However, it did not, despite reporting as healthy. After replacing the failed controller, it booted, and began copying its configuration from its peer server. Unfortunately, as soon as the configuration was copied, the secondary controller also died.

After replacing the 2nd failed controller we began powering the servers that relied on the SAN for their data - all of the database servers and the network-attached storage (NAS) file server storing media, static content, and most web files. When the NAS server booted and reconnected to its volume on the SAN, it began to run a checkdisk command to make sure there were no errors on the drive. This proved to be a drawn out process, and was the primary reason for the length of the downtime.

In addition, we had yet another roadblock with our Linux servers. Both of the new controller nodes for the SAN had a newer firmware version, preventing these databases from reading their storage. The vendor acknowledged this as a known issue, and recommended a firmware upgrade to fix it. In order to ensure our data integrity, we are conducting a full backup of this storage before implementing the firmware upgrade. Once complete, this will bring the Linux based databases online.

After the fix is applied, we will be able to restore the database to its pre-crash state and restore full functionality to all of our sites.

Your Personal Information

We can reassure you that at no time during the hardware failure was any of your personal information compromised. We take the sacred trust you put in us with your information VERY seriously.


We are currently working hard to get all of our sites restored and functioning normally. We hope to have everything up and working again by tomorrow.

Thank You

We realize that you depend on Curse for the information and add-ons that enhance your gameplay experience. As a way of thanking you for your patience and loyalty through this downtime we are giving premium access to the Curse Client to all users starting on July 1st and running through July 5th. In addition, all guilds on Wowstead.com will receive free premium access - stay tuned on WowStead for more information.

Once again, we sincerely apologize for the downtime and hope you'll continue to enjoy all the great services Curse has to offer.

The Curse Team



To celebrate coming back online and the last weekend of Season 9, we'll be giving away some mounts and pets.


There are 2 easy ways to enter, comment on this thread and/or Like our Welcome Back message on Facebook.  You can enter once on AJ and once on Facebook. I will select 4 winners from this thread and 3 from Facebook. Entries will stop in 12 hours.

We used our Facebook page and Twitter account to communicate during this down time - so if you aren't already on the AJ bandwagon, please Like/Follow to make sure you always have the most recent updates from us.

Let's get back to business. Good luck in these last few days of Season 9!

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