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We're continuing to grow here at Curse. The Curse network now reaches over 14 million unique users each month. So, we're looking to expand our team and fill some new positions!

If you're looking for a chance to get into the industry, this may be your opportunity. Below are the positions we are currently looking to fill:

For more information on working at Curse and for a full job listing, please head to our Jobs page on Curse.com. If you've got the skills, we want to hear from you!

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I'm getting a lot of PMs about this and figure I should just address it publicly rather than each PM.

We are still planning to reset access,  unfortunately with the Feat of Strength not being on BNet for Season 9 titles yet, and with the titles being displayed improperly for a while on player pages we have not been able to get data from S9 just yet. We're working on it, but it's a little more complicated last season. Once we are able to add gladiator titles (one way or another...) we'll reset access for all players who do not have a title.

Also, we are also almost certainly going to be raising the rating required for access after the reset.

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Arena Season 10 has officially begun and titles have been awarded for Season 9. So far it appears that there is not a Feat of Strength associated with Gladiator or Vicious Gladiator for Season 9. We have yet to see a blue post addressing this. We'll keep you updated if things change or we get official word on why the change after 8 seasons of awarding a FoS for the titles.

UPDATE: The Feat of Strengths will be added in a future patch for these titles:

Official Blizzard Quote:

It wasn't intended for the mounts and titles to go out without their associated feats of strength. Unfortunately, this cannot be addressed via a hotfix and will require a client-side patch. The Season 9 feats of strength will be rewarded retroactively in a future patch to those who should have gotten them with the start of Season 10.

Good luck getting started in Season 10! We'll be working hard these next few weeks to get set up for S10 and moving forward on new features on AJ.

Below is the blue post:

Official Blizzard Quote:

Arena Season 10 has officially begun, and players can once again take to the Arenas and Rated Battlegrounds to compete for the new Ruthless Gladiator PvP sets!

All Team Ratings and Personal Ratings have been reset, and any Conquest Points from Season 9 have been converted to Honor Points. Any Honor Points above the cap were converted into gold at a rate of 35 silver per point. Matchmaking Ratings, however, will be carried over into Season 10.

Another important event that coincides with the start of Season 10 is the distribution of rewards from the previous season. Players who were in the top teams from each battlegroup at the end of season 9 should be receiving their end-of-season rewards approximately one week after the end of the last season. These include Arena-specific titles until the end of this new season and, for players who have earned the rank of gladiator, the Vicious Gladiator’s Twilight Drake. It's very important for players who feel that they may be eligible for Arena titles and/or the Vicious Gladiator’s Twilight Drake to refrain from transferring their characters to another realm or faction until all rewards have been received.

If you have any further questions about Arena and Rated Battleground rewards, please read the FAQ.

Arena and Rated Battlegrounds Rewards FAQ
Below, you can find answers to a plethora of questions about the Arena. This information contains facts that can be helpful for seasoned Arena veterans as well as people that are perhaps new to the sands:

How can I get the Gladiator title?
You need to be in top 0.5% of the total active teams in either the 3v3 or 5v5 bracket at the end of an Arena season.

When does the season end?
Official announcements are made to provide a warning of at least two weeks before the end of a season. These announcements for European realms are posted in the Arena and Rated Battlegrounds forum here: http://eu.battle.net.../forum/2265987/

What rewards are given for Rated Battlegrounds?
The top 0.5% of players on the Rated Battleground ladder will receive an achievement that grants a permanent “Hero of the Horde” or “Hero of the Alliance” title.

When can I purchase the PvP weapons?
Certain PvP weapons require that a player meet a minimum requirement before becoming available for purchase. Vicious Gladiator’s one-handed or two-handed weapons require that the player first accumulate 7250 total Honor Points, while Ruthless Gladiator’s one-handed or two-handed weapons require that the player first accumulate 7800 total Conquest Points. Total accumulated Honor and Conquest Points are tracked over the course of the season.

What rewards are given out when an Arena season ends?
The end of season rewards include the titles ‘Challenger’ for the top 10% to 35% of active teams in the battlegroup, ‘Rival’ for the top 3% to 10% of active teams in the battlegroup, ‘Duelist’ for the top 0.5% to 3% of active teams in the battlegroup, and ‘Gladiator’ for the top 0.5% of active teams in the battlegroup. Players who earn the ‘Gladiator’ title also receive a special permanent mount to signify their accomplishments in the Arena.

I was in a top team last season, where’s my reward?
Rewards from the previous season are awarded shortly after the start of the new season.

What Personal Rating (PR) must I have to qualify for the end-of-season rewards?
There is no specific personal rating amount required, but you need to be within 100 personal rating of the team rating.

What percentage of games must I play on my team to qualify for the end-of-season rewards?
You need to have played in at least 20% of the games that your team has competed in.

How many games do I need to play to qualify for the end of season rewards?
You need to have played in at least 20 games on your team.

What is an "inactive" team?
A team is "inactive" if the team has not played at least 20 games, there is no one in the team with 20%+ games played, or no one within 100 Personal Rating. Inactivity status has nothing to do with how often you play. Any inactive team is disqualified from the end of the season rewards.

Do I need to play in the last week to be able to get Gladiator?
No, you don't have to play in the last week.

If I transfer to another realm after the season ends but before I get my title and drake will they still get to me?
No. You must wait for titles/drakes to be distributed and then transfer afterward.

How do players get the Vicious Gladiator title?
At the end of each season, the #-1 ranked teams from the 3v3/5v5 brackets in each battlegroup get the title of that Arena season. For season 9 it is Vicious Gladiator and for season 10 it will be Ruthless Gladiator. If multiple teams are tied for the top spot, they will all get this title.

Do I get to keep my title forever?
The Challenger, Rival, Duelist and Gladiator titles are redistributed at the end of each season based on your team’s performance. So for example, if you get a Gladiator title at the end of season 9, when season 10 ends you will get a new title based on your performance specifically for season 10. The only title that is permanent is the one awarded for the #1-ranked teams each season.

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