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Blizzard just posted this an hour ago. Looks like our handy calculator won't be quite as necessary anymore. Read on for more details:

Official Blizzard Quote:

Bone-shattering PvP conflicts can be harrowing and demanding, but smart gladiators know that if you want to emerge triumphant, you need to walk onto the battlefield well-equipped.

In World of Warcraft: Cataclysm, certain PvP pursuits reward players with a new kind of currency: Conquest Points. Conquest Points can be exchanged for the very best PvP armor, gear, and weapons in the game, allowing you to hone your competitive edge in the ring and on the battlefield.

Those Gladiator items are calling, but how do you get the Conquest Points to buy them? There are three main ways to do so:

-          Winning Arena matches
-          Winning Rated Battleground games
-          Winning your first Random Battleground game of the day

Each time your team wins a Rated Arena or Rated Battleground match, you're awarded a certain number of Conquest Points; no points are awarded for losing, however. Your first Random Battleground win of the day will also net you 25 Conquest Points.

There's a limit on how many Conquest Points you can gain over the course of a single week, and points earned from all sources count toward that total. Everyone starts at 0 personal rating with a weekly cap of 1,343, which is the most points you can accrue over the course of a week. Unlike Honor and Justice Points, Conquest (and Valor) points do not have an overall cap.

Note:There's no benefit to hoarding large amounts of Conquest Points since they'll be converted into Honor (or Justice Points, for Valor) when the next tier of items becomes available, and there are no plans to extend the 4,000 point cap on the lower-tier currencies. That conversion is still rather far in the future, though, and we plan to provide plenty of advance warning before it happens. In the meantime, feel free to purchase items you want as soon as you can afford them.

If you want to be able to earn more than 1,343 Conquest Points in a single week, then you'll need to increase your personal rating above 1,500 by participating in Rated Arenas or Rated Battlegrounds. Only your best personal rating counts, and as you improve and bring your rating over 1,500, your weekly point cap will rise as well -- and if you manage to achieve a very high rating, your weekly cap could approach 3,000. Here are some sample ratings and corresponding point caps:

Rating Weekly Points Cap
1500 1343
1800 1940
2100 2533
2400 2849
2700 2849
3000 3000

You can check your current total number of Conquest Points at any time in your character's Currency tab. For more detailed information, open the PvP menu and click on the Conquest tab, where you'll find how close you are to the weekly cap and how many points you'll earn by winning an Arena or Rated Battleground match. You can check out what the Conquest Point vendors have to offer in the Champions' Hall in Stormwind or the Hall of Legends in Orgrimmar.

Now that you know what you're fighting for, it's time to show Azeroth your incredible PvP skills. Confront your foes. Fight! Win!

Thanks to Shifty for pointing this out in our Conquest Cap thread: http://www.arenajunk...64

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We are planning to go forward with the migration to the new site tomorrow afternoon.

The current plan is to leave the current site in read only mode while the conversion take place. Unfortunately, I'm told this will possibly last until Thursday. During that time I should be able to keep everyone updated on the status and where things are.

It's going to be a big transition for everyone, but the new site has some great stuff and we have a lot more planned after we get settled in. The mods, content editors, and premium users have been a big help in testing over the last week and we've gotten a lot of good feedback.

If you haven't seen my many requests to prepare for the move to the new site, please take a moment to read this thread.

Keep your fingers crossed for a quick and smooth transition. I'll be sure to keep everyone as updated as possible. Back to Top

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This will be the 4th time I've made a post about this. Why? Because it's important and I don't want anyone to accidentally mess this up when we move to the new site.

In an effort to unify the login system across the network, we will be changing the login system a bit. I've posted a couple of reminders already, but if you have not done this yet, please take the time to read the following to ensure that we can have a super smooth transition to the new site.


Make sure the email you have on your ArenaJunkies account and your Curse.com account match exactly. So if everyone could humor me, and double check right now - it will only take a minute.

Check your email on ArenaJunkies:
  • Login to your Arena Junkies account
  • Goto http://www.arenajunk...do=editpassword
  • You should see your email in the Edit Email Address box
  • That is the exact email that should be on your Curse account.

Let's check your Curse.com account now to make sure it matches:
  • Login to your Curse.com account
  • Goto http://my.curse.com/my/edit.aspx
  • Click the Site Options tab
  • Towards the bottom, under Email Configuration, you should see "Private email"
  • This email address should match the email you just checked from ArenaJunkies

If you do NOT have a Curse.com account
Don't worry about it. You'll be able to login for the first time with your arenajunkies.com login info.

Thanks guys. We're very close :)

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