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The EU Battle.net Arena and Starcraft invitational is scheduled to kick off tomorrow at 12:00 CET, which is 5:00am EST and 2:00am PST in the states. So set your alarm clocks. Blizzard is providing a free HD stream on their website for everyone. Of course, we'll have all the banter and discussion here on Arena Junkies!

All discussion should be kept in this thread.


  • 16:30 CET (9:30AM EST / 6:30AM PST) - 17:45 CET (10:45AM EST/ 7:30AM PST)
  • 20:45 CET (1:45PM EST / 10:45AM PST) - 22:00 CET (3:00PM EST / 12:00PM PST)

Saturday Progress
Championship Bracket Final

:shaman: :deathknight: :warlock: Victorinox VS Showtime :deathknight: :shaman: :warlock:: 0 - 3

  • 12:00 CET (5:00AM EST / 2:00AM PST) - 13:15 CET (6:15AM EST / 3:15AM PST)
  • 14:45 CET (7:45AM EST / 4:45AM PST) - 16:30 CET (9:30AM EST / 6:30AM PST)

Sunday Progress
Grand Finals

:shaman: :deathknight: :warlock: Showtime VS Dnaw Trio :mage: :warlock: :shaman:: 3 - 1

The full schedule with Star Craft information, can be downloaded from Blizzard.


:mage::warlock::shaman: DNAW Trio - MLS
  • :mage: Rodriguez
  • :shaman: Drudenhaus
  • :warlock: Dakkroth

:deathknight::paladin::warlock: Victorinox - DKPL
  • :paladin: Geru  
  • :warlock: Draintrainy
  • :deathknight: Zotan

:warrior::warlock::paladin: I can't believe it's not wizard - WLP
  • :paladin: Demun
  • :warlock: Reliza  
  • :warrior:  Barburas  

:deathknight::shaman::warlock: Showtime - Shadowcleave
  • :deathknight: Anotherx
  • :shaman: Glyptic
  • :warlock: Fabs

:rogue::warlock::shaman: Feelin Mad - RLS
  • :shaman: Boetar
  • :warlock: Pwny
  • :rogue: Sharkou

:rogue::mage::priest: Surprise Effect - RMP
  • :mage: Xandyn
  • :rogue: Khuna
  • :priest: Zunn

:warlock::shaman::priest: x6tence - LPS
  • :warlock: Blukstack
  • :shaman: Methodx
  • :priest: Tharkum

:mage::warlock::shaman: Colgate - MLS
  • :warlock: Inflame
  • :mage: Hydra
  • :shaman: Dreamzfull

Round 1

Here are the 2 full blue posts announcing the teams and schedules for this weekend:

Official Blizzard Quote:

Eight of the best StarCraft II players from across Europe, eight of the continent’s best Arena teams and more than $50,000 in prize money are the key facts of the 2011 European Battle.net Invitational. Remember, you can follow the action live on our HD stream, free of charge. But who will you see clashing for fame and fortune when the games begin on 6 August in Warsaw, Poland?

As a quick reminder, here is a list of participating players and teams:

StarCraft II:


World of Warcraft 3v3 arena:

I can't believe it's not wizard
Feelin Mad
Surprise Effect

The seeding has been done and the brackets are ready. Head over to the official event website and check out the first round matchups.

To learn more about the 2011 European Battle.net Invitational, check out our official announcement. Be sure to visit the dedicated event website to find the HD live stream, player and team profiles, and more.

Official Blizzard Quote:

All set for a weekend packed with the finest eSports action right from World of Warcraft’s Arenas and the depths of StarCraft II’s Koprulu sector? Great! But there’s one last thing you need to do before we begin: find out what will happen, and when, in the event schedule.

Whether you watch via the free HD live stream or dive into the crowd in person at the Multikino in Warsaw—this schedule is what you want to study to get the ultimate experience out of these two days.

On Saturday, watch the contestants’ arduous climb through the double-elimination brackets. We expect skilful manoeuvres, all-engulfing battles, and combatants emerging heroically from this clash of the best.

On Sunday you’ll be able to witness one grand final after the other. Steel yourselves for this feast of top-notch eSports entertainment and stay tuned for the celebration of the grand winners.

Check out the full schedule on the dedicated event website. This page has everything necessary to warm you up for the event, including: event information, pictures from the previous events, VODs of memorable matches from last year, and more!
See you in Warsaw (or else you’ll see us).

Curse Jobs
We also wanted to remind you that we're still looking for talented co-workers here at Curse. You can find all the jobs listed on the Curse Jobs Page. A few that you guys here might be most interested in are:

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I'm very excited to announce that we have completed an update on our Live Video Stream section to include Justin.tv as well as Own3d.tv. It's been a long time coming, and I'm glad to see it up and running. We have also added the stream video embed on arenajunkies, so you'll have your own stream page with comments and ratings.

Please go add your new streams and test it out. It's a new feature, so it will probably have bugs that we didn't catch. Post any bug reports in this thread for now.

As many of you know, we've always struggled to get the correct information from Xfire. Justin.tv and Own3d.tv are both much more robust systems, so we recommend you add one of those to your account in place of the Xfire service.

Also, during the brief outtage we posted updates on the Arena Junkies Facebook Page and Twiter, so don't forget to like/follow to stay up to date! Back to Top

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The new Blizzcon 2011 site just opened up and we're excited to see a tab devoted to the 2011 Battle.net Tournament. This is the portal for you to watch the streams, check the schedule, and soon there will be player profiles as well.

Current schedule for WoW Arena:

Regional Battle.net Invitationals:
  • Europe - Warsaw Poland - August 6-7
  • North America - California - August 8-9 and August 12-13
  • Korea - Seoul, Korea - August 27
Global Battle.net Invitational:
October 21-22, Anaheim, California

Of course, we'll be bringing you all the action and discussion live as these tournaments play out. Good luck to all of our members who are competing! We hope to see you at Blizzcon!

Here is a new Blue post is also up that outlines the tournament features of the site:

Official Blizzard Quote:

From today, we’ll be supplying you with lots of mouthwatering updates, information and treats on this dedicated event website leading up to the big weekend. Browse the site and discover the free HD live stream, detailed information about the event, and much more.

Get into the right mindset with classic matches and pictures of last year’s event. We’ll continue to add more content over the coming weeks, so by August 6, when the action is about to start, you’ll find everything you need to know about the 2011 Battle.net Invitational in one place:

  • Tournament information: What is it, when, why, and where? Any more questions?
  • Travel information: Do you want to soak up the atmosphere at the Invitational in person? We’ll tell you how to get there
  • Video playlist: Find classic replays and the newest matches conveniently listed right on the front page
  • Twitter feed: Stay up to date with all Battle.net Invitational tweets
  • Facebook integration: Like, share and follow the event together with your friends
  • Blog overview: Missed a blog update? See all related articles about the event at a glance
  • Coming soon:

  • Player profiles: Who will be fighting for glory and prize money?
  • Media section: Browse pictures of past events and watch videos of the matches – stay tuned for current media
  • Brackets: What legendary encounters are you about to witness?
  • Tournament schedule: Know what’s happening when
  • HD live stream: Watch the combatants battling it out live on stage, professionally shoutcasted and broadcast right into your home
So, are you ready for juicy eSports action? Our website will provide you with everything you need to enjoy the 2011 European Battle.net Invitational in Warsaw, Poland. Make sure to stop by regularly in the coming days to get warmed up for the big showdown!
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