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We've got an exciting weekend ahead of us with the first WoW tournament of 2010, MLG Columbus, starting in 2 hours!

The tournament starts at 6:30PM EST

Catch the Stream Here


  • Nerdstomper.com
    • :warrior: Hoodrych
    • :druid: Velsuz
    • :warlock: Nadagast

  • Fnatic
    • :warlock: Yog
    • :shaman: Douja
    • :rogue: Woundman
    • :paladin: Millies

  • Complexity Red
    • :warlock: Snutz
    • :mage: Venruki
    • :rogue: Reckful
    • :druid::priest:Sodah

  • Complexity Black
    • :paladin::priest: Toez
    • :shaman: Flexx
    • :hunter: Twixz

  • Team EG
    • :warlock: Azael
    • :mage: Pookz
    • :shaman: Cdew

  • Loaded Blue
    • :warlock: Didy
    • :rogue: Deltons
    • :druid: Brogo

  • Loaded Black
    • :mage: Orangemarmalade
    • :priest: Numberone
    • :rogue: Satz

  • Team Fierce
    • :warlock: Kekki
    • Bubler
    • Deceased
  • Skill Capped.net Central
    • :warlock: Filovirus
    • :shaman: Nevershock
    • :rogue: Zyz
    • :warrior: Gymped
  • Skill Capped.net East
    • :rogue: Enforcer
    • :priest: Verty
    • :deathknight: Jigslol
    • :warlock: Pyrilus
  • Skill Capped.net West
    • :mage: Vidra
    • :warlock: Pollee
    • :druid: Diziet
    • :warrior: Bothi
  • Arena Pwnage.com
    • :priest: Talbadar
    • :shaman: Nuvos
    • :druid: Drmayonaise
  • SK Gaming U.S.
    • :rogue: Realz
    • :warlock: Glickz
    • :shaman: Kollektiv
  • To Be Determined
  • To Be Determined

These guys are playing for $15,000 in prizes.

We'll be sure to have a rousing discussion right here in this thread. Who is going to take it?

Enjoy! Back to Top

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Our good friends over at World of Raids have an upcoming interview with Blizzard about Cataclysm. I want to make sure they ask the right questions about PvP and Arena, so head over to the thread and post your questions and they will do their best to get us some answers!

Be sure and post your questions in this thread as well so we can see what's on your minds with Cataclysm. Back to Top

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We know everyone has been watching Cataclysm developments closely. We're pleased to announce that Blizzard has JUST released the latest female Worgen models. Blizzard got us these early images to see what you guys though. Check em out.

Please note that these are still in progress:

Female Worgen Cloth Model:
Posted Image

Female Worgen Leather Model:
Posted Image

Female Worgen Chain Model:
Posted Image

Female Worgen Plate Model:
Posted Image

So what do you guys think? Back to Top