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It has always been and always will be the goal of ArenaJunkies to foster a constructive community for PvP and Arena. It's for this reason we are tightening down moderation across the board and making some changes to the rules for our BG forums.

The Battle Group forums were established to allow conversation among rivals and teammates on your BG. This inevitably leads to trash talking and as long as you're just interacting with your fellow players and keeping the conversation reasonable, a little back and forth is all right. However, lately certain threads have become nothing but non-constructive, over the top insult threads. Myself and the moderation team are sick of it. Please refrain from derailing the threads too much and insulting users.

We are changing the rules so that the BG forums are no longer categorically immune to 1 point infractions. Yes, it will continue to be more lenient than the rest of the forums, but moderators will use their judgement to determine if a post is  harmful to the community.

It's your responsibility to post constructively and in a way that contributes to the community. I recommend everyone review the updated rules. I would also like to remind everyone to Posted Image report any post or thread you see as being harmful to the community. Back to Top

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We're extremely excited that the Diablo 3 beta has officially begun this evening. This means that anyone who has opted in to beta tests on Battle.net is eligible for an invite, so keep your eyes on your inbox and check your battle.net account under the Games tab. Please, be careful about phishing emails. If you got an email for the invite, it will NOT ask for your password.

This is one of the most highly anticipated games EVER, and we expect tons of new information and opinions to be on the way with so many new players finally getting their hands on Diablo 3. We'll have discussion here on Arena Junkies. For in depth coverage and the latest information be sure to check out DiabloFans.com and DiabloWiki.com (Now with 3D NPC and Item models!).

Official Blizzard Quote:

The fiery gates leading to the Burning Hells have begun to swing open, and the Diablo III beta test is officially underway. Invitations to participate in the beta test are now being delivered to the chosen heroes. As with beta tests for other Blizzard Entertainment games, the testing process for Diablo III will occur in phases. In addition to selecting players who have opted in via their Battle.net accounts, we’ll also be providing keys through beta promotions and giveaways -- stay tuned for more info. We welcome those invited to provide feedback or report bugs on the official forums.

If you have a beta license, you are free to show, share, or talk about any portion of the beta content to which you have access, as this beta test is not confidential.

We’d like to remind those looking forward to an invite to be wary of phishing attempts. If you believe you’ve received an invite to the Diablo III beta test, it’s best to refrain from clicking on any links in the email, and instead log in to your Battle.net account to see if a Diablo III beta game account was granted. Or, if you were sent a key, attempt to add it manually by going to the Add or Upgrade a Game section of the Battle.net account management page.

For those who have received an invite to the beta test, we thank you for helping us test out our server stability and hardware. For those of you still hoping for an invite, we wish you the best of luck and hope you’ll keep an eye out for some of the beta-key giveaways and promotions we’ll have right here on the Diablo III community site.

For more information, please see the beta opt-in announcement and FAQ.

I know what I'm doing with the rest of my night! Back to Top

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As many of you found out (the frustrating way), our Character Verification system ran into some bugs and was offline over the weekend.

This should now be back online and functional! I'm sorry for the frustration this caused so many of you!

Be sure to read our help section on Adding A Character if you're new to the process. Back to Top