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It's been great seeing so many people return to WoW and Arena with Cataclysm and you guys are back to posting great information. We want to make sure AJ stays a place where serious, hardcode PvP discussion can occur. So we are going to tighten up moderation for all of the content forums so that we can ensure we've got the highest quality PvP information out there.

Content forums include all of the forums under Junkies Only, excluding BG forums and the Rant Room.

The rules aren't changing, we're just going to start enforcing them more strictly. I recommend everyone review the rules and only post if you have something constructive to say.

Also, if you notice posts that aren't contributing to constructive discussion the best thing to do is hit the report button and we'll get it handled.

Thanks guys. Back to Top

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It's been great seeing guides coming in again. I'm stoked and the guides that came in are better than ever. Cataclysm is a nice fresh start. Thanks to everyone that submitted a guide, you did a great job.

First of all, everyone who submitted a guide will be getting 1 year of Curse Premium. So thank you to everyone who put the time and got a guide up! Additionally, we are going to continue to offer One Year of Curse Premium for any strategy that we decide to use on the site. So if you missed this competition, we've still got a pretty nice incentive for ya!

Here are the winners:
1. Amigo
2. Bluetorch
3. Diziet
4. Naatzz

To remind everyone, we're giving away a Razor Black Widow Keyboard, Razor Naga Mouse Molten Core Edition, and in game pets - check out the prizes in more detail.

It's going to take some time to get the guides migrated to the Strategy section so in the mean time they will live in the Strategy Forum as Stickies. So continue to work on them, tweak them, provide feedback, and improve!

We're still looking for more guides, so keep them coming. Specifically I'm looking to see additional Class Guides for:
  • :mage: Mage
  • :priest: Priest
  • :rogue: Rogue
  • :warrior: Warriors

Please contact me if you are planning to write one of these.

Here are all the guides that were submitted:

Submitted by Junkies:


Thanks again to everyone who submitted content. If you are listed above as submitting a guide and did NOT receive a PM from me, please send me a PM with your Curse account so I can get Premium added for you. Back to Top

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Currently we're having some trouble pulling Armory data for people. We're trying to figure out what's going on and transition to Battle.net as soon as possible.

Thanks for bearing with me on this, but we may not be able to update you as we usually do for a little bit. Back to Top