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Season 11 has been underway for a bit now, and as it has become the policy on Arena Junkies, we have completed our end of the season access reset. Junkie users who have never received the Gladiator title and do not meet the new arena rating cutoff of 2400 are being reverted back to the usergroup: Member.

The access reset is just one of the many things we do to keep the content quality as high as possible. Remember that in order to meet the cutoff requirement you must have been at 2400 rating this season.

If you did have your access reset to the Member usergroup, please know that it is not personal and is done across the board without any exceptions. If you think your access was removed in error please send me a PM to correct it. Currently, once you achieve 2400+ rating you will be granted access again. You can read more about our rules and access in the forum rules thread. Back to Top

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How To Become A Gladiator - Finding A Team
Looking for people to play with can be a struggle, and finding the right people can be even harder. Questions arise when trying to setup a team, such as: where do I look, what am I looking for and what do I expect to get out off playing?  For some these questions are not even asked and the most important thing in their search for a team seems to be team composition. But not thinking things through often leads to a quick team disband and you being on the search again.

In this article I will cover some of the ways you can find partners and what to look for in partners. Luckily there are tools, tools that will ease the search for you and help you find partners for long term, competitive or just for the weekly cap.

Where to look for people?
Trade chat is a great place to make a few hundred people see that you are looking for a quick cap or arena partners. The quality however can be debated as most often the outcome will be people with either different ambitions or different expectations then yourself. If you're in a rush on Monday, trade chat might be a the only way to get your conquest point cap, but there are better way of finding teammates out there.

We here at ArenaJunkies have our very own recruitment section and it is a great tool for those very specific in what they are looking for.

If you are looking for a specific combo or looking for a specific class then the recruitment section is a great tool. Sadly the whole recruitment section was never given as much love as it would require to get such a thing running perfectly.

Luckily our very own long-term moderator, Pyrilus, has decided to contribute to the community by making www.teamfind.com, a dedicated website for finding partners. He is working hard on giving this site the needed love for it to run painlessly and to ease your search for partners.

Teamfind enables players to find partners with the same expectations and goals without having to search for hours on end. It allows you to create a profile for your character and specify your interest so that you can look for partners and keep your character visible for others. Even if you already have a team, you should make a profile here as it provides you with the opportunity to get the contacts before you need them and instead of hours of searching in trade chat on any given Monday. You can specify exactly what you are looking for, and get in touch with players across servers!

Posted Image

After having setup your character it takes nothing more than a click for the results and potential partners to start showing up. The site is a work in progress so improvement and further features will be added throughout the next weeks. But already at this early stage it is something we should support by using it and telling our friends about it, anything that can live up the community is a good thing.

Posted Image

It is important that you do not just go out and take the first and the best. Having fun while playing is essential for everyone, from the most competitive to the most casual player, and though our definition of fun can vary individually, we all have more fun winning than losing.

To improve your own chances of winning it is recommended that you do some research, find out which team compositions containing your class are the strongest. The easiest way to find this out is by going to the Armory and looking through the first couple of pages for compositions containing your class (and spec). After that you should try and look around on our very own forums, look in the class forums for threads for specific compositions or videos/streams so that you can get a feel of the different playstyles and find one that you like.

Figuring out your best team compositions still leaves questions which you will have to think about before searching for teammates. Are you willing to play the second or third best composition for your class or spec? Are you willing to re-spec or re-gear for a different role? Are you willing to play a different class altogether? Are you willing to transfer your character to a different server?

Before you even form a team...
A mistake the vast majority of players make when creating a new team is not discussing their expectations and ambitions for the team thoroughly enough. This often leads to teams disbanding and drama when one player feels that they are putting more effort and commitment into the team than the others or that their teammates are putting too much pressure on them. Sitting down before playing and talking about your motivation will result in a clear and common goal and be rewarded by a good atmosphere and thereby (hopefully) better end results.

Some topics you should cover when setting team expectations:
  • How much time are people willing to put into the team? When will we play? How long will we play? How often will we play?
  • Be sure to discuss arena preparation expectations. Do we read up on tactics, or go by trial and error? How much effort should people put into farming (honor gear, pve gear etc.)? How well enchanted/gemmed do we expect people to be? Do you expect your partners to have the best professions?
  • Goals! I can't emphasize this one enough. Not discussing your goals upfront is opening the door for intra-team drama. How high do we plan to get? How fast do we plan on getting there? What is the minimum rating we plan on getting the first time we play together? These are all important questions to ask to make sure your team is on pursuing the same goals together.

Scheduling woes
Playing arenas and getting the rank you want is going to take time and patience. It's also going to require that your entire team is together ready to play at certain times. If people are not prepared for that commitment, it can lead to frustration. It is likely that you will all have different times of day you prefer to play during and on top of that some of you might want to put all your playtime into the team, where others might be splitting time between raiding, alts or other teams.

All of these factors make it incredibly difficult for everyone to just happen to be online and ready to play at the same time. Take some of your arena time and use it to schedule a suitable date and time for your next arena session. You will also want to discuss how long you plan to play. This will prevent the frustration that comes from waiting for one another, and, in the end, save the time that you would otherwise use trying to get in touch with a tardy or aloof team mate. Just make sure you show up at the scheduled time!

A second job?
All of this might seem like a whole lot of work for just doing arena and to some extent it is. But with the proper preparation and scheduling you will save the time you would otherwise use looking for new partners or waiting for partners to come online. This way you can come online 5 minutes before playing and head right into the arena instead of wasting hours. You will also have clear expectations for how long you will be playing.

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Why should you become a Gladiator?

First of all, let me introduce myself. My name is Rodney "Talbadar" Pare, and I've been a member of the Arenajunkies community for a long time. I've gotten Gladiator on a priest from Season 3 through Season 10, and I've  participated in multiple MLGs and Blizzcon 2010/2011 3v3 Arena Tournaments. Arenajunkies has asked me to help write a guide on how any player can improve and become a prestigious Gladiator. This guide will be written over the coming weeks and will include a lot of content on a variety of topics going over what it takes to become a Gladiator. Before we go over any specifics - let's ask ourselves a very important question: Why should I want to become a Gladiator?

Let's face it, most players don't try to become Gladiators just to have those sweet blue (or red!) helmets
Posted Image
Players try to get Gladiator because they know that being a Gladiator means that they are one of the most prestigious WoW players.

Benefits of being a Gladiator

-You're known and recognized as a great player in the long term, regardless of your class, spec, gear or current season.
Most active players know what the Gladiator title means. It means you spent hours and hours playing on a top notch team and succeeded against other top players in arena. It doesn't matter what composition you played or what bracket of arena you played in - everyone will know that you are a better player than the rest. Players will send you messages on your Gladiator characters asking for tips and even recognize your alts.

-You're better at PvE. You have good situational awareness, you do more DPS, more healing, tank better and get invited to more advanced guilds.
If you went through the narrow victories, crushing defeats and learning experiences of becoming a Gladiator, then other players will know that you have great potential. Playing the game at a high level of arena or PvE requires many of the same basic concepts: good positioning, good situational awareness, high DPS, good healing, good communication and good listening skills. Having a Gladiator title will allow you to raid with better players and get invited to top-tier guilds on your server.

-You obtain the best of the best PvP Gear and receive rare and respected titles/mounts.
Gladiators wear the best PvP gear available. Gladiators who play throughout the season will not only have the best PvP gear, but they will have it faster than everyone else. Gladiators also have access to the tier 2 PvP gear with different skins and higher item level weapons. And last but certainly not least Gladiators get the 'Gladiator' title to show off to other players as well as the exclusive mount that can only be obtained once for each season of arena.

Posted Image
A prestigious Gladiator Epic Flying Mount

-Gladiators get to play with other Gladiators.
If you've obtained the Gladiator title then other Gladiators and maybe even Rank 1 players will want to play with you. You don't have to go searching for partners not knowing if they are as good as they say - good players will come to you!

-You have fun with your team and win more arenas and battlegrounds.
Gladiators have more fun because they know what to do in PvP and make less mistakes. When you make less mistakes you win more often and when you win more often you have more fun. Gladiators also win more fights in battlegrounds which can lead to faster honor and quicker victories.

Now that you understand what the benefits are to being a Gladiator let's go over what this post is all about!

What is the 'How to Become a Gladiator' Series?

Each week a new article (maybe even video!) will be released giving you, the players, insight on how to become a better player. We, the Arenajunkies Content Management Team, will go over topics including (but not limited to):
  • Keybindings and UI suggestions
  • Findings teammates to stick with
  • Communication and constructive criticism
  • Target swapping
  • What to do when 'X' happens in arena
  • Positioning as a healer, melee, or caster on all maps
  • Much more!
Even experienced Gladiators will want to read this series as we build a strong foundation for all players to work towards. With the upcoming season and MMR reset, you will want to follow along as everyone starts fresh and increase your chances of achieving Gladiator this season and seasons coming.

I'd like to conclude the first article of the Gladiator series with this final statement. You don't have to be a Gladiator to want to improve and become a better player in World of Warcraft. However, players who want to improve and become a better player should strive to become a Gladiator. Why? Because there are so many difficult aspects of the game you will learn by becoming a Gladiator that will make you a stronger player. You will learn about: better positioning, better keybindings, better macros, better DPS rotations, what to do when you get counter-spelled, what to do when your healer gets controlled, how to coordinate with your partners, how to find partners, what setups to run, how to communicate, how to take constructive criticism, when to swap targets and many more essential topics. How do you become a Gladiator, you ask? You'll find out more next week!

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