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Season End Announced

Official Blizzard Quote:

After an in intense season of conflict in Arenas and Battlegrounds, the time is coming soon to see who has climbed to the top of the PvP ranks. Prepare to fight your last battles of this season, and remember—there is no substitute for victory!

Warlords Season 2 will be ending as soon as a few weeks from now. Once the season ends, we'll begin a roughly two-week process to determine end-of-season reward eligibility.

All players who believe that they may have qualified for Warlords Season 2 awards should note the following:

In order to ensure you receive your award(s), please refrain from transferring your character(s) to another realm or faction until after Warlords Season 3 has begun.
Warlords Season 2 titles and mounts will be awarded a couple of weeks after Season 3 begins.
Conquest Points will be converted to Honor Points at the end of the season, and any Honor above 4,000 will be converted to in-game currency at a rate of 35 silver per point. A few other things to keep in mind once the season has ended:

The Honor cap will remain at 4,000.
Warlords Season 2 items with rating requirements will no longer be available for purchase.
The Season 2 vendors will move over from where they are now and convert to selling last season’s gear for honor. The Season 3 vendors will appear in the newly vacated vendor location.
Rated Battleground and Arena matches will not be available during the break between seasons.
We will confirm the start date of the forthcoming Warlords Season 3 in a post here in the weeks to come.
In war, you win or lose, live or die—and the difference is but an eyelash. To the battlefield!

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Watch the WoW Arena World Championship During BlizzCon Opening Week

Posted Image

Official Blizzard Quote:

This weekend, the final battles of the World of Warcraft Arena World Championship get underway at BlizzCon Opening Week. We've gathered eight of the best teams from around the world who will fight for their share of a $250,000 prize pool and the title of BlizzCon 2015 Arena champions.

The Opening Week action begins at 1:30 p.m. PDT on Friday, October 30, and continues at that same time on Saturday, October 31. Be sure to tune in to our free live stream on the official BlizzCon website.

Of the eight teams competing at Opening Week, only six will advance to play at BlizzCon 2015 the following week. Let's take a closer look at each of our competitors:

SK Gaming – Europe
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
From left to right: Fabss, Boetar, Swapxy, and Joefernandes
SK Gaming (formerly known as Solari Gaming Blue) took first place at the European Road to BlizzCon event in an epic 5-game series against Skill Capped EU. Their presence at BlizzCon 2015 should come as no surprise, as all of these players have repeatedly proven themselves to be among the best of the best in the World of Warcraft Arena.

Skill Capped EU – Europe
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
From left to right: Healingstat, Raiku, Vilaye, and Praii
Although they were defeated by SK Gaming in the Grand Finals at the European Road to BlizzCon, Skill Capped EU (formerly known as Solari Gaming Red) had a tremendous run throughout the tournament. Now, with Opening Week on the horizon, this team is looking to come back swinging and take the championship title at BlizzCon 2015.

Solari Gaming – Europe
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
From left to right: Fewen, Wafflz, Pyrocta, and Souken
Solari Gaming is quite possibly the team with the most to prove in this year's WoW Arena World Championship. At the European Road to BlizzCon (under the name Solari Gaming Yellow) they faced off against Three Languages One Team for the third and final spot at BlizzCon . . . and lost. However, they caught a lucky break after Three Languages One Team was unable to travel to BlizzCon. How will Solari Gaming Yellow make use of their second chance at glory?

Cloud9 – North America
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
From left to right: Wealthyman, Roastyz, and Kubzy
This team qualified for BlizzCon 2015 under the name Juveniles—and with less major tournament experience than several of the other teams, and only three members on their roster, many considered them to be the underdogs. However, after taking first place at the Americas Regionals, that all changed, as Cloud9 proved themselves as one of the strongest RMDs (Rogue/Mage/Druid combo) in the world.

Tempo Storm – North America
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
From left to right: Elite, Pikaboo, Starship, and Jahmilli
It should be no surprise to see these guys at BlizzCon. Elite, Pikaboo, and Jahmilli have repeatedly shown to be one of the strongest teams in online tournaments over the past couple of years, and with Starship filling out their roster, they were nearly unstoppable at the Americas Regionals. Now Tempo Storm is out to prove that they have what it takes to be the BlizzCon 2015 champions.

FollowEsports.com – North America
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
From left to right: Absterge, Walterbare, Vosil, and Jellybeans
FollowEsports.com's path to BlizzCon 2015 was rocky at best. They were the last of the six North American teams to qualify for the Americas Regionals, where they came in third place, narrowly beating out Luminosity. However, they've proven time and again that they can’t be kept down. Will this be their time to shine?

Do It For Fun – Korea
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
From left to right: Jyottu, Yeonyeon, Coding, and Mudyane
Yeonyeon and Coding competed as members of team Push Push at BlizzCon 2014 and fought their way past some incredibly strong competitors to advance to the semifinals. Now, with Jyottu and Mudyane joining them, Do It For Fun is here for another shot at that first place prize and the title of BlizzCon champions.

Original Gangstarr – China
Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image Posted Image
From left to right: XaioJie, Han BaiChuan, Darkarchonyo, and YiYang
Original Gangstarr is composed of an all-star lineup from China. XaioJie, Han BaiChuan, and Darkarchonyo have all qualified for BlizzCon before, and YiYang won the Chinese championship in 2014. Although they may not be as well-known as some of the other teams, these players should absolutely not be underestimated.

Prize Pool
This year's Arena World Championship features an epic $250,000 prize pool, which will distributed to each team based on their standings as follows:
  • 1st place team: $120,000
  • 2nd place team: $50,000
  • 3rd–4th: $20,000
  • 5th–6th: $12,000
  • 7th–8th: $8,000
Commentators & Analysts
We'll be joined once again by our seasoned lineup of shoutcasters and analysts:
  • Sid 'Supatease' Compston
  • Elliott 'Venruki' Venczel
  • Jared 'vhell' Coulston
  • Josh 'Lore' Allen
  • Jackson 'Bajheera' Bliton

Additional Information
Remember, the battle begins at 1:30 p.m. PDT on Friday, October 30, and you can tune in live at BlizzCon.com. For more information, check out the links below: We'll see you there!
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Overwatch Beta Coming Soon

Posted Image

Official Blizzard Quote:

UPDATE (October 23, 2015): We were able to complete setup and testing of our beta servers for Europe sooner than anticipated. As a result, we're happy to report that we will be launching the Overwatch Closed Beta in both the Americas and Europe gameplay regions on October 27.

Attack commencing in 3… 2… 1…

The Overwatch beta officially begins October 27, and we’re getting ready to invite our first batch of recruits for some field-testing!

The beta test will kick off on the 27th with Americas and Europe gameplay regions, with Asia to follow. Read the mission briefing below to learn more about our plans for the beta, and don’t forget to sign up if you’re interested in helping us shape the fight for the future.

We’re aiming to accomplish two primary goals with our public beta test: First, get tons of top-notch feedback on the gameplay—including balance, feel, and fun—to help us make Overwatch the best team-based shooter on the planet. Second, we want to hammer the heck out of our tech, including stress-testing our server infrastructure and making sure the game runs great on the widest variety of systems possible.

To accomplish this, we’re dividing our beta participants into two different groups, each with different mission objectives and deployment schedules. The Closed Beta group will form the core of our testing crew. In addition, we’ll be conducting a number of Beta Test Weekends with wider groups of players when it’s time to break out the big guns.

Closed Beta
The Closed Beta will be composed of a small number of testers who will have regular access to our public beta test. Our goal for the Closed Beta is 100% gameplay feedback, and we’ll be encouraging participants to discuss and dissect every hero, map, ability, and other aspect of the game on our upcoming beta forums.

In order to get the most meaningful and constructive feedback possible, the total number of players in the Closed Beta will be extremely limited—though we’ll be adding more people from time to time to make sure we have the right number of heroes actively engaged.

The first phase of the Closed Beta will deploy on October 27 in our Americas and Europe gameplay regions, and players may be added gradually to start (with more being invited as new features are ready to test). During this time, we'll continue to make preparations for our Asia gameplay region, which is set to come online at a later date.

We'll provide more details—including an FAQ—once the Closed Beta begins.

Beta Test Weekends
From time to time, we’ll also need to open up the floodgates and call upon an army to overwhelm our hardware. The goal: get as many heroes playing as we can, all helping us “stress test” our servers to ensure they can withstand the assault.

These larger-scale Beta Test Weekends will be brought online occasionally for a limited time, generally over a weekend, and will run concurrently with our ongoing Closed Beta test. Because Beta Test Weekends are primarily hardware- and tech-focused, the number of heroes, maps, and gameplay modes will be restricted—but feedback on everything will definitely be welcome.

Multiple different Beta Test Weekends will be assembled in various parts of the world. We have tons of would-be heroes signed up for the Overwatch beta, and we want to give as many as possible a chance to play during the testing period. The first Beta Test Weekend is currently slated for after BlizzCon—stay tuned for more information following the event.

A few more things: The Overwatch beta will be Windows-only, and you’ll need to have the Battle.net desktop app installed to play. If you’re selected to participate in either the Closed Beta or one of our Beta Test Weekends, you’ll receive an email with instructions shortly before you’re deployed. Read this article to make sure our transmissions won’t get filtered, and don’t forget to opt in if you haven’t already.

We'll have more information to share on the Overwatch beta in the near future, so keep your sights trained on playoverwatch.com!

Curse Voice Users: Get Your Blade & Soul Closed Beta Key Now

Posted Image


We're excited to announce that a limited supply of exclusive keys for the first Blade & Soulclosed beta test is NOW available through your Curse Voice client! Users of the free, no-hassle voice chat can simply open up Curse Voice and click the promotional badge to claim a key. Don't wait too long though, because we've only secured a limited quantity.

The highly anticipated wuxia-inspired MMO is finally coming to an English-speaking audience. Players embark on quests for vengeance and redemption in a gorgeously crafted fantasy world beloved already by millions worldwide.

Combat is heavily inspired by Asian martial arts, a refreshing contrast to the usual MMO fare. Grab your key and jump into closed beta to windwalk your way through the stunning and deadly landscape.

Don't have Curse Voice? Download at beta.cursevoice.com and enjoy safe, secure, and convenient voice chat for every situation. Once you have your key, follow these instructions and get ready to play Blade & Soul starting this Thursday!
  • Download the game client here.
  • You will need an NCAccount in order to redeem your code.
  • Once you have logged into your existing NCAccount or created a new NCAccount, you will need to go to your Account Management page and enter the code via the “Apply a Code” section. Once the code has been entered, and you’ve clicked the “Activate” button, you will need to navigate to the “Blade & Soul” tab in the Unused Serial Codes section. From there, click “Apply” on the Closed Beta coupon code.
  • You will receive a confirmation email when your code has been applied.
  • To check on the status of your Closed Beta code redemption, go to the “Transaction History” section of your Account Management page, and check the tab “Blade & Soul” in the subsection “Serial Codes.”
Further Instructions on redeeming your code can be found here. You will not be able to access the game until the start of Closed Beta on Oct 29 at 10AM PDT.

We'll see you in-game! To prepare even further, be sure to check out Blade & Soul Dojo and the Blade & Soul Wiki on Gamepedia for discussion and information on content, strategy, and more. As always, Enjoy the Game.
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