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Junkies and Posting Access - 2200

This is a reminder post that becoming a "Junkies" requires 2200 or Gladiator. Junkies access allows you to post and reply on certain boards that Members do not have access to on Arena Junkies.

If you have a character that has a 2200+ Achievement or Gladiator that does not have Junkies you can report it here. The character must be linked to your Arena Junkies account. Please remember to read the rules BEFORE posting.

The new season 14 helmets is currently being worked on along with the technical issues that some users have been getting with previous helmets. Good luck to everyone in Season 15! Back to Top

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Mists of Pandaria - Featured Guides - February

As Mists of Pandaria is about to end I wanted to thank the users who have contributed helpful guides to the community this expansion. Each month til Warlords of Draenor one guide will be featured.

For this month I decided to feature the Windwalker Guide: "How to Walk with the Wind (5.4.7)" by Balance.

Posted Image

This guide provides extremely good information and details which should be helpful for anyone looking to try the Monk class out. An example is the macro section, other than just providing the macro itself an explanation is also attached to it:

Posted Image

Something else that makes this guide stands out more is also the effort it visibly took to make. Pictures and videos were both used to make it easier for users to understand, and it pretty much covers every basic you need to know about WindWalker Monks and more.

Posted Image

So if you ever were looking to try playing a WindWalker, make sure to check this guide out! Thanks once again Balance! Back to Top

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Battlegroup Forums changed to Regional 2v2 / 3v3 / 5v5

Posted Image

Due to the changes in 5.4 with how battlegroups have disappeared the battlegroup forums have been changed to 2v2 / 3v3 / 5v5 instead.

All of the old posts have been converted into the 3v3 forums, so if you're looking for old relics to read it will be there! Back to Top