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EU Tournament #1


We have been saying Weekly EU Tournaments were coming and here we are!

GCDTV is extremely excited to bring the competition to EU and will work hard to bring you the organization and production quality we brought to our US Tournaments.

Like the US Tournaments the Prize pools aren't going to be significant at first, but we have confidence the EU community will help us grow!

Please Spread the Word about GCDTV's EU Weekly Tournaments and consider donating to support us!

ALL Donations go directly towards future Tournament Prize Pools.



EU Tournament #1 will start:

Saturday 4/18 @ 8:00 P.M. CET

Lower Bracket and Finals will start:

Sunday 4/19 @ 8:00 P.M. CET

  • DOUBLE Elimination
  • Best of 3 Rounds - Semi Finals will be Best of 5 Rounds and Finals are Best of 7.
  • Tournament Gear is allowed, but not Required (Yet)
  • Only one Tank / Healer Spec is allowed per team composition.
  • Current Rating of 2400+ of all players
  • The first map will always be Nagrand Arena. The loser of each round chooses the next map. Maps cannot be replayed until five out of six maps have been played.
  • Each Team is allowed up to 4 players and 6 Classes

Click here to sign up.

Follow the Channel to be Notified when we go Live

Click here for the full list of Rules

Prizes (To be Determined)

All vods will be uploaded to Youtube.com/Dmachine52

Special thanks to @VadrakAL (Harald Böhm) for creating Arena Live 3 - the spectating addon we will be using.

All games will be live streamed at http://www.Twitch.tv/GCDtv with live commentary from Supatease, Dmachine, Breaker, and potentially Venruki!

The fastest way to have a question answered would be to Tweet us @GCDTV_

You can also contact us at:


GlobalCDTV @gmail.com

Teams and Brackets will be announced on Wed Thur at the latest Via Twitter.


EU Tournament #1 Team List

Oldschool FOTM jungle (Jungle)


Druid - Resto, Monk - Mistweaver, Shaman - Restoration


Druid - Feral


Hunter - Marksmanship, Hunter - Survival

Toys and Pets (WW/DK/Pal)


Paladin - Holy


Monk - Windwalker


Death Knight - Unholy

Toxic Youth (Turbo)


Paladin - Holy


Warrior - Arms


Shaman - Enhancement

Swemonsterx and the crew (Thugcleave)


Rogue - Combat


Hunter - Beast Mastery


Paladin - Holy


Paladin - Holy

The Bang Boys (Arcane Godcomp and Ret/SP/Druid)


Mage - Frost & Arcane, Priest - Shadow, Warlock - Affliction


Paladin - Holy, Druid - Resto, Mage - Frost, Shaman Resto


Druid - Boomkin, Druid - Resto, Mage - Arcane


Paladin - Ret,

Time To AFK boys (RMP)


Rogue - Combat


Mage - Frost


Priest - Disciplline

Clap For Me Talby (RMD)


Druid - Resto, Mage - Frost


Druid - Resto, Priest - Disciplline


Priest - Disciplline



Druid - Resto, Shaman - Restoration


Warlock - Affliction, Demonology


Shaman - Elemental, Enhancement, Restoration


Warrior - Arms, Fury

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Gamers League Arena: Blood in the Water will be occurring live on Saturday April 11th and Sunday April 12th @ 1PM EST/7PM CEST.

Gamers League Blood in the Water will consist of eight teams fighting for:

1st Prize: $1500
2nd Prize: $1000
3rd Prize: $500

Casters Metaclass and Supatease will be here to bring you all of the action as it happens!

Join us Saturday April 11th and Sunday April 12th @ 1PM EST/7PM CEST at www.gamers-league.com and twitch.tv/gamersleaguelive for our first EU 3v3 event!

We will answer questions and give live updates on our Twitter.

Shoutout to Vadrak, the creator of the Arena Live addon, for making these events possible!



Reawakened - Godcomp / Shatterplay

Minpojke: Resto Druid / Holy Paladin

Zunniyaki: Shadow Priest

Nolifer: Frost Mage

Return the SLAB - DK / WW / HPala

Jimjim: Holy Paladin

Volkovitch: Unholy Death Knight

Voltariux: Windwalker Monk

Time for RMD - RMD

Whaazz: Combat Rogue

Thesia: Frost Mage

Talbytree: Resto Druid

Me and My Dinosaur - PHS / KFC

Mystic: Ret Paladin / Fury Warrior

Pancake: BM / MM Hunter

Hexur: Resto Shaman

Toxic Youth - Turbo Cleave

Boetar: Holy Paladin

Swapxy: Enh Shaman

Joefernandes: Arms Warrior

Elite Gamer - Shatterplay / Godcomp

Froffsy: Shadow Priest

Babo: Frost Mage

Miley: Resto Druid / Holy Paladin

We Will Win Baba - LSD

Zeepeye: Ele / Enh Shaman

Wallirikz: Demo Warlock

Looney: Resto Druid

DMG is my IMAGE - Turbo Cleave

Blizo: Arms Warrior

Nepho: Mistweaver Monk
Splitzkopfy: Enh Shaman






DM on Twitter

Add PossumOpossum on Kik

Send an email to possum @gamers-league.com

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ProGameX is glad to announce the second tournament of this year!

Tournament begins on 2nd May, 2015 19.00 CET / 14.00 EST
Register for the tournament now

About tournament

Up to 16 teams will get a chance to participate (can be increased).
Organizers will do their best to give a chance to every completely registered team to participate.

Commentators: Sid Compston (@Supatease) & co.

ProGameX team will invite at least 8 registered teams to the tourney!

What is more, to increase the prize pool, up to 8 more registered teams can ensure their place in the tourney, making 50 eur donation. Buy-in and increase the prize pool! All donations will be directly added to the prize pool.

You can also ensure your place in the tournament taking part in the qualifying matches on 18th and 25th of April starting at 18.00 CET / 13.00 EST.

Follow Twitter @ProGameXcom for updates.

The fastest way to have a question answered would be to use the board at ProGameX.com

Tournament will be live streamed at http://www.Twitch.tv/progamexcom
Subscribe, get features and support the tourneys!

Join the team! Looking for volunteers
Do you believe in eSports? Want to be a cameraman, commentator or journalist? Want to help with video production or graphics? Contact us!

See results and videos of the latest tournaments.

The tournament will take place on EU server. US teams can participate, but it's your responsibility to have an account (character) to play on. Back to Top