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If the season were to end today this would be the title representation (note, player specs are based off what they logged off as, so for example, Starship is counted as a R1 boomkin even though he's playing resto)

Current Glad Cut: 2487
Current R1 Cut: 2739
Total glads on the 3v3 ladder: 752 (this excludes the 188 r1's)
Total rank 1's on the 3v3 ladder: 188

Number of gladiators (excluding those above R1 cut)
[Resto Druid]: 136
[Arms Warr]: 103
[Frost Mage]: 69
[Combat Rogue]: 64
[Resto Sham]: 57
[Frost DK]: 56
[MW Monk]: 55
[Aff Lock, SV Hunter]: 51
[Holy Pal]: 50
[BM Hunter, Feral Druid]: 43
[Ret Pal]: 31
[Enh Sham, Shadow Priest]: 27
[Sub Rogue]: 20
[Fury Warr]: 14
[Disc Priest]: 11
[UH DK]: 9
[Balance Druid, Ele Sham]: 4
[Arcane Mage]: 3
[Destro Lock, Fire Mage, Prot Warr, WW Monk]: 2
[BM Monk, MM Hunter]: 1

Percentage of gladiators (excluding those above R1 cut)
[Resto Druid]: 18.13
[Arms Warr]: 13.73
[Frost Mage]: 9.2
[Combat Rogue]: 8.53
[Resto Sham]: 7.6
[Frost DK]: 7.47
[MW Monk]: 7.33
[Aff Lock, SV Hunter]: 6.8
[Holy Pal]: 6.67
[BM Hunter, Feral Druid]: 5.73
[Ret Pal]: 4.13
[Enh Sham, Shadow Priest]: 3.6
[Sub Rogue]: 2.67
[Fury Warr]: 1.87
[Disc Priest]: 1.47
[UH DK]: 1.2
[Balance Druid, Ele Sham]: 0.53
[Arcane Mage]: 0.4
[Destro Lock, Fire Mage, Prot Warr, WW Monk]: 0.27
[BM Monk, MM Hunter]: 0.13

Number of Rank 1's
[Resto Druid]: 29
[Arms Warr]: 16
[Frost Mage, Resto Sham]: 14
[Feral Druid, MW Monk]: 13
[Frost DK, Holy Pal]: 12
[Aff Lock, BM Hunter, Combat Rogue]: 9
[Ret Pal]: 8
[Enh Sham]: 7
[SV Hunter]: 6
[Shadow Priest]: 5
[Sub Rogue]: 4
[Disc Priest, Fury Warr, Prot Warr]: 2
[BM Monk, Balance Druid]: 1

Percentage of Rank 1's
[Resto Druid]: 15.43
[Arms Warr]: 8.51
[Frost Mage, Resto Sham]: 7.45
[Feral Druid, MW Monk]: 6.91
[Frost DK, Holy Pal]: 6.38
[Aff Lock, BM Hunter, Combat Rogue]: 4.79
[Ret Pal]: 4.26
[Enh Sham]: 3.72
[SV Hunter]: 3.19
[Shadow Priest]: 2.66
[Sub Rogue]: 2.13
[Disc Priest, Fury Warr, Prot Warr]: 1.06
[BM Monk, Balance Druid]: 0.53 Back to Top

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February 13th 6.1 Updates

Tried to include all the ones relevant to arena. Lemme know if missing anything. Some pretty big ones this time.


- Psychic Scream now has a 30-second cooldown (down from 45 seconds).

- Power Word: Shield now absorbs 10% less damage.


- Comet Storm (Frost) damage has increased by 94% but deals 33.3% less damage in PvP combat.


- Demonbolt (Demonology) damage decreased by 25%.


- Ferocious Bite damage increased by 5%.

- Rake damage increased by 5%.

- Rip damage increased by 5%.

- Ironbark is no longer usable while silenced.


- Execute damage decreased by 11.4%.


- Restorative Waves now increases all healing done by 40% (up from 30%).


- Improved Focus Fire now grants an 8% increase to attack power per Frenzy stack consumed (up from 5%).

- Careful Aim now increases critical strike chance of Steady Shot, Focusing Shot, and Aimed Shot by 50% (down from 60%).

- Chimaera Shot damage increased by 30.4%.

- Sniper Training is now 25% more effective.


- Rising Sun Kick (Windwalker, Mistweaver) now causes enemies to take 20% increased damage from the Monk's abilities (up from 10%). Back to Top

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WoW Stable at 10+ Million Subscribers

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Official Blizzard Quote:

MMO-Champion: Blizzard had their Q4 2014 earnings call today, announcing that WoW was still at 10+ million subscribers at the end of 2014. This is the same as the mid November announcement that listed WoW at 10+ million subscribers.

Subscriber numbers are expected to decline, just like after the release of every other expansion. Asia is expected to have a larger decline, as subscriber numbers there are more fluid.
  • Hearthstone has over 25 million registered players
  • Heroes of the Storm has 9 million users registered for beta
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