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Second Yaspresents Guild 3v3 Tournament

The Yaspresents PvP guild on Outland - EU is organizing Second Yaspresents Guild 3v3 Tournament with over 10000$ in prize money.

Tournament will be streamed here!

  • First place - 6000$
  • Second place - 3000$
  • Third place - 1200$
Tournament structure:
Eight teams from the guild will play in a best-of three double elimination format.
The Loser Bracket Finals and Grand Finals will be played best-of-five.

February  22nd and 23rd, 18:00-23:30 CET.
  • Teams can have up to 4 players.
  • Same composition can't be played twice in series (except in a bo5).
  • Any setup with one healer is allowed.
  • No class stacking.
  • Pve gear is not allowed.
  • The losing team of each match will be able to choose a map. Nagrand Arena will always be played first. Same map can't be played twice in series.
  • 45 second disconnect rule: If a player disconnects after 45 second mark the game will not be replayed.
Additional info:
All players need to be in guild in order to participate. You can whisper Alary or Odrana in game if you're interested to join (you need to have gladiator from last season or r1 from other seasons). Deadline to sign up for the tournament is 16th February 23:00 CET (pm Another to sign up). Back to Top

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January 20 - PvP Tweets and Blue Posts

Official Blizzard Quote:


That is good news! Are you planning to increase base resilience with the new season?

How big in game scale wise is Ashran? Like are we talking AV big or Wintergrasp big
From base to base is similar to AV but it's wider.
Would you say Ashran is a spiritual successor to AV? Or more like Timeless Isle?
More like AV

back to gear being the major determining factor in PvP success. Guess the accessibility experiment didn't work out?
I don't really see how you came to that conclusion.
dialing back resilience "as much as possible" says bursty PvP and emphasizes PvP power. Sounds like old times 2 me.
In WoD, health pools will be relatively larger and PvP Power is being redefined. It will end up less bursty.
Is this true for low lvl PvP too? Some spells are too potent in heirloom gear. Aimed Shot and Shield Slam can *literally* one-shot.
A lot of spells have base damage which leads to this issue. We're going through these spells to reduce the base damage.

so I was wondering if you guys could start doing realm rankings/leaders instead of region? A lot of friends and I are curious.
We've gotten the request a lot so we'll have to look into it.
"Instead"? Why not "in addition to"?
Certainly what I meant

It also feels lousy to work hard to acquire full grievous gear only to be killed by a dragon slayer in heroic pve gear
Yup, we've mentioned we don't want to end up in this situation again.
but I give you credit in admiting that what occurred was not what you intended.
Certain systems (like warforged and upgrades) that inflate ilevels didn't make much sense for PvP.
PvP not having them meant gear falling further behind.

I've already given you a good solution. Nerf dmg/healing by 65/55% and roll those numbers into a raid wide buff for players who pve
It isn't a good solution for the same reasons base resilience and battle fatigue aren't good solutions.
The entire reason why you needed BF/Resil is because abilities do too much damage/healing.
It's lousy to have a spell hit for 100k against a creature and 20k against a player no matter where you increase/decrease it.

as horde I frequently spend more time in random BG queue then in the actual games. Fix it please. Faction conflict !> fast queues
I wish it could be fixed quickly. I really do.
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1000 Arena Rating Floor

Earlier today Holinka confirmed that only players with a rating of 1000 or higher will be used for determining rewards. This means there will be less Gladiator, Rank 1, and other titles than anticipated.

An example would be if there was 1000 players under 1000 rated, and 9000 players over 1000 rated before this change there would've been 50 players receiving Gladiator.
With this change instead of .5% of 10,000 players it is .5% of 9000 players making it 45 players instead.

Official Blizzard Quote:

Yes, we will only be considering players with a rating of 1000 or higher when determining rewards.
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