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European Teams for Blizzcon

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The best 8 teams in Europe competed against each other at DreamHack for a chance at going to Blizzcon, and now we have the following 3 teams making it:

Team Name: Playing With Fire
General Composition: Shadow Priest, Fire Mage, Restoration Druid (Fireplay)
Players: Sadstory, Livin, Ryndpojke

Team Name: BB
General Composition: Shadow Priest, Frost Mage, Restoration Druid (Shatterplay / God Comp)
Players: Doyouseewhyx (Zunniyaki), Noliferqt, Talbytree

Team Name: Bleached Bones
General Composition: Affliction Warlock, Boomkin, Restoration Shaman (LSD2)
Players: Elohtihs, Lazerchicken, Lagyna

These were the 8 teams that competed on September 26-27:


  • BB
    • Deeyouwhyx
    • Noliferqt
    • Talbytree

  • Treant Stun to Regionals
    • Friedkitteh
    • Vilaye
    • Fewenyo

  • Bleached Bones
    • Lazerchicken
    • Lagyna
    • Elohtihs

  • WoW Error Wizards Not Found
    • Voltariux
    • Volkovitch
    • Jimjim

  • Wholinka
    • Mingwho
    • Drwho
    • Chas

  • Playing with Fire
    • Livin
    • Ryndpojke
    • Sadstory

  • Melk Trupp
    • Doomsen
    • Möhrchenlol
    • Praii

  • BP
    • Zeepeye
    • Minpojke
    • Bloodx

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Dreamhack - Now Looking for Community Casters (How to Apply)

Reddit Link Here


We're currently accepting applications from casters to community cast the World of Warcraft EU Regionals, which will take place in Stockholm, 24th and 26th-27th of September. Provide us as much information as possible about you and your experience within casting. You will cast from your own channel You will be listed under the team DreamHack on Twitch. Everyone can apply in any language. We’ll only allow 1 stream per language.

DreamHack will provide community streamers with a private mix-minus feed with (no english sound).

How to apply

You send in your application with full contact info (Name, Skype, Email, twitch channel) and everything you think might be relevant (what language you desire to cast in) to: communitystream[@]dreamhack[.]se

The application process is closing September 24th 21.00 CEST. Only a limited amount of casters will be accepted.

Best Regards
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So a lot of people are confused or think something happened that didn't. Two teams got disqualified and every team in the Lower Bracket Of 8a/b got the chance to play each other for the last two spots. Here is the bracket for those games that were played.
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Here is the link to the bracket  http://www.nationale...ecider/rankings

So basically Cdew's team and Thugonomics' team qualified. Back to Top