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GCD Europe Pro League is a series of double elimination tournaments that lead to a big tournament at the end of the season.

The teams with the best performances in these tournaments (€500 prize pools) will be invited to the Finals! (€1000 Starting Prize pool)

The Finals Prize pool will consistently grow through the donations we receive during the EU Pro League's live broadcasts.

· Double Elimination

·    Games will be Best of 5 besides the Finals which will be Bo7!

· Each Team is allowed up to 4 players.

· Players who break TOS will not be eligible to compete.

· 8 Teams max, Qualification tournaments for an excess of sign ups will occur on the Friday before the main Tournament. (6:00PM CET, 12:00 P.M. Eastern time 9:00 A.M. PST)

· Sign ups close Wed, Feb 10th


GCD Europe Pro League - Spring

Qualification Tournament (TBD)

Friday 2/12 @ 6:00PM CET, 12:00 P.M. Eastern time 9:00 A.M. PST

Day 1 / Main Tournament Begins

Saturday 2/13 @ 6:00PM CET, 12:00 P.M. Eastern time 9:00 A.M. PST

Day 2 / Finals will start:

Sunday 2/14 @ 6:00PM CET, 12:00 P.M. Eastern time 9:00 A.M. PST

at Twitch.tv/GCDTV

Click here to sign up!


1st Place - €500 Euro and 100 GCD Points

2nd Place - 70 GCD Points

3rd and 4th - 50 GCD Points

5th & 6th - 25 GCD Points

7th & 8th - 20 GCD Points

Qualification Tournament

1st - Automatic qualification spot to the GPL main tournament

2nd - Qualification for a playoff series against the 7th seed on GCD points - winner Qualifies for the GPL main tournament, runner up gets 15 GCD points and does not qualify. (This series will have a best of 5 single elimination format, and will take place between the end of the Qualification tournament on Friday and the start of the GPL main tournament on Saturday)

3rd /4th - 15 GCD points.

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It's been a long time coming but its finally here!
After five double elimination tournaments, the eight best teams have proven themselves. These teams have been invited to compete in the Final Tournament this weekend with a $2,000 Prize Pool up for grabs.

It's been a crazy ride for Hannah and myself since we started our first ever Pro League season, lots of new challenges and amazing support has been thrown our way. The viewership hasn't stopped growing and with it, more and more interest in WoW eSports from team organizations, sponsors, and new players! We are so thankful for everything and promise to continue what we started with our projects to come.

How the Finals will Work

Like BlizzCon and the Regional Championships, the GPL Winter Finals will consist of a Group stage that will lead into a Single Elim Bracket.

Each group stage will consist of four teams, but only two from each group will move onto the single elim bracket.

The group stages work very similar to a double elimination bracket, the two teams that lose two series will be eliminated from the tournament while the two teams that won two will move on.


Day 1 / Main Tournament Begins
Saturday 1/30 @ 5:00 P.M. Eastern time 2:00 pm PST
Day 2 / Finals will start:
Sunday 1/31 @ 5:00 P.M. Eastern time 2:00 pm PST


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Rated Arena Wins will now Award 270 CQ Points per Win

Official Blizzard Quote:

January 26
Genesis critical heals should now be correctly reduced by Battle Fatigue.

Please note, the following PvP hotfixes are still in testing.
Increased Conquest Point rewards from the following sources by 50%.

Winning the first Random Battleground match of the day now awards 225 Conquest Points, and subsequent victories award 125 Conquest Points.
Winning a Rated Battleground match now awards 600 Conquest Points (up from 400).
Increased the amount of Conquest Points awarded to the losing team in a Rated Battleground match based on performance.
Twin Peaks / Warsong Gulch: 100 Conquest Points for every captured flag with an additional 100 Conquest Points awarded for every flag the winning team didn't capture. (Example: If a game ended 2-1, the losing team receives 100 Conquest for capturing a flag and an additional 100 Conquest for denying the other team a final 3rd capture.)
Arathi Basin / Deepwind Gorge / Eye of the Storm / Silvershard Mines / Temple of Kotmogu / The Battle for Gilneas: 50 Conquest Points awarded for every 150 Resources / Gold / Points gained by the losing team.

Winning a Skirmish Arena match now awards 40 Conquest Points.
Winning a Rated Arena match now awards 270 Conquest Points (up from 180).

Increased the amount of Conquest Points awarded the following Ashran quests:
Slay Them All! now awards 300 Conquest Points (up from 200).
Ashran Dominance now awards 750 Conquest Points (up from 500).
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