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We are back with another Battleground Tournament!

We were really happy how our WSG 6v6 Tournament went and wanted to test out another Battleground with our 6v6 Format.

We know 6v6 works well on WSG and most likely Twin peaks, but we are very interested in whether or not this format will be good on Gilneas! Do you think your team has what it takes to win it all? Sign up! There is no Rating requirement.

We also created a Patreon! The support you guys give us every week is amazing, this is our attempt at rewarding your guys. Pateron is a crowdfunding platform that allows us to create Goals, events, and rewards!

Single Elimination.
Double Tank are not Allowed.
Tournament Gear REQUIRED.
6 Players per Team


    6v6 Battle of Gilneas will start:

    Saturday 10/10 @ 5:00 P.M. Eastern time 2:00 pm PST

    Day 2 / Finals will start:

    Sunday 10/11 @ 5:00 P.M. Eastern time 2:00 pm PST


    1st Place - 200 USD

    2nd Place - 100 USD

    GCDTV's 6v6 Battle of Gilneas Tournament is Completely free to enter.

    Sign up's end Thur 10/8 @ 12:00PM EST - Maximum of 8 Teams

    Commentary Provided by Venruki and Sony Digital!

    Click here to Sign up!

    To catch all of GCDTV's Announcements / Updates or to give us feedback make sure to follow us on Twitter!


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    2015 European Road to BlizzCon: World of Warcraft

    The European Road to Blizzcon will begin this weekend from October 3rd-4th!

    It will be streamed at http://www.twitch.tv...lizzconwarcraft.

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    Official Blizzard Quote:

    UPDATE: Where we are right now.

    The World of Warcraft Qualifiers for the 2015 European Road to BlizzCon have been concluded. After some legendary battles and incredible team effort we have our 8 teams who will go to Prague! Below you can find out who they are:

    Qualifier #1

    1st Place - Reawakened 1

    2nd Place - Toxic Youth

    Qualifier #2

    1st Place - Banana Boat

    2nd Place - Solari Gaming

    3rd Place - Rake to Win

    Qualifier #3

    1st Place – Balanced

    2nd Place – Reawakened 3

    3rd Place – Three Languages One

    Fun fact: One of the qualified teams Reawakened 1 finished second in the last year’s World of Warcraft World Championship! Will they claim the title this year?
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    StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void Opening Cinematic

    Official Blizzard Quote:

    The protoss armada is preparing for battle as the countdown to reclaim Aiur begins! On November 10, you can assume the mantle of Hierarch Artanis and begin the final chapter in the StarCraft II trilogy in Legacy of the Void.
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