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Warlords of Draenor New Mage Spells

MMO-Champion has posted a video show-casing some of the new Mage spells in Warlords of Draenor.

PvP Tweets by Holinka

Official Blizzard Quote:

Will garrisons have any PvP aspects/benefits/gameplay involved? Thanks!
still discussing

Wtf Heart of the Valorous? How about Honorable Heart or Hear of the Conqueror for a bit? (C'mon you knew it was coming)
Valor and Conquest serve very different purposes. Valor doesn't give you gear. Conquest does.
There are already tremendous catch-up mechanics in place for PvP: rating inflation and catch-up cap.

One of the issue's with Ret in PvP atm is that Templar's Verdict is too weak as a finisher. Outside of major cd's Ret is no threat.
"Outside of cooldowns I'm not threat" is a complaint we here from every spec with cooldowns. It's why we're removing many of them.

Just wondering if you guys have put any thought into scaling gear up in pvp (bgs) before WoD?
No there is tech involved to do this that's coming in Warlords.

Will PvP set bonuses change as we change spec in WoD?

is chaos bolt damage reduced by 25% against player?
Yes it's damage is reduced against players in Mists. Possibly not in Warlords.
In WOD pvp crit reduction means CB does 25% less against players anyway, doesn't it?
Dont you think crit and other stats should be downscaled in PVE too? To have the same rules for PVE and PVP?
Crits are awesome so you can say "woah HUGE number" but gameplay dictates different magnitudes in two modes

could we see some news on Ashran soon? Would love to see some more in-depth discussion about the "Ashran Only" weapons.
We're getting to a point where we think we'll have a lot more to share soon. But we're early on in that process.
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Azeroth Choppers Series Recap

The voting process for Azeroth Choppres has ended! You can find out which bike won on Thursday.

Below are some re-caps and behind the scenes footage that Blizzard released.

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Azeroth Choppers Episode 7 - Vote Now!

Official Blizzard Quote:

Prepare for battle! Armor has been polished and blades sharpened—the bikes are finally revealed for the first time and ready for your votes! Back at Blizzard HQ, team Horde and team Alliance eagerly await seeing their completed bikes fired up for the first time

Head over to www.AzerothChoppers.com NOW to cast your vote for your favorite bike and let your faction’s war cry be heard with #AzerothChoppers.
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