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10% PvP Damage Reduction Hotfix Reverted

Official Blizzard Quote:

Recently, we applied a hotfix that reduced the damage players took in PvP by 10%. Our goal was to reduce damage across the board in order to slow matches down a bit.

However, we received overwhelming feedback from players saying that this change did not result in a positive effect on gameplay, and that they preferred the faster-paced matches they were experiencing prior to the hotfix. After some discussion, we’ve decided to reverse the change and remove the 10% damage reduction in PvP.

We will continue to look for opportunities to improve PvP combat in World of Warcraft. Thanks for your continued feedback!
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Tournament #8


We Host 3v3 Arena Tournaments EVERY Friday and Saturday at 9:00pm EST / 6:00pm PST / 3:00am CET

(G)lobal ©ool(D)own TV was created to form a community around 3v3 Arena's in World of Warcraft. A goal of ours is to provide quality gameplay that anyone can enjoy watching. If you have any suggestions or feedback to give to help us improve please feel free to tweet us @GCDTV_

We want to host a Tournament every week so if you're interested in watching 3v3 Arena with Live Commentary with a real prize pool at stake please share our Channel (Twitch.tv/GCDTV) and consider donating to increase our prize pools!

Follow the Channel to be Notified when we go Live

Tournament Starts Friday 3/20 @ 9:00 P.M. Eastern time 6:00 pm PST 3:00am CET
Semi Finals / Finals will begin Saturday 3/21 9:00 PM EST 6:00 PM PST 3:00am CET

  • Single Elimination
  • Best of 3 Rounds - Semi Finals will be Best of 5 Rounds and Finals are Best of 7.
  • Tournament Gear is Allowed, but PvE gear is not.
  • Only one Tank Spec Character per team.
  • Current Rating of 2400+ of all players (on their mains) is Required to Sign up.
Click here for the full list of Rules

  • 1st Place - 200 USD
  • 2nd Place - 130 USD
  • 3rd Place - 70 USD
All vods will be uploaded to Youtube.com/Dmachine52

Special thanks to @VadrakAL (Harald Böhm) for creating Arena Live 3 - the spectating addon we will be using.

All games will be live streamed at http://www.Twitch.tv/GCDtv with live commentary from Supatease, Dmachine, Breaker, and potentially Venruki!

The fastest way to have a question answered would be to Tweet us @GCDTV_

You can also contact us at: [email protected]

Teams and Brackets will be announced on Wed Via Twitter.

Bracket: http://challonge.com/GCDTV8


Tournament #8 Team List


Genericz/Druid - Resto, Rogue - Combat,Subtlety

Mageiden/Hunter - Beast Mastery,Marksmanship, Mage - Frost

Dannycarry/Druid - Resto, Monk - Mistweaver, Windwalker,Brewmaster

sony invented wls (WLS)

Cdew/Shaman - Restoration

Chanimal/Warlock - Affliction

Smexxin/Warrior - Arms

billybear (CUPID)

Milezq/Paladin - Ret

Brainbug/Hunter - Beast Mastery

Megashake/Druid - Resto

speed racer go (CUPID)

Gayhangaku/Paladin - Ret, Rogue - Subtlety

Stormlashx/Druid - Resto, Priest - Discipline, Shaman - Enhancement

Inviable/Hunter - Beast Mastery,Marksmanship

brb trap launcher broke (CUPID)

Rampant/Paladin - Ret, Warlock - Affliction

Vyerio/Hunter - Beast Mastery

Woppa/Druid - Resto

Every kill begins with "k" (THUG)

Dillypoo/Hunter - Beast Mastery,Marksmanship,Survival, Mage - Frost, Priest - Discipline,Holy, Shadow

felorea/Paladin - Ret,Holy,Druid - Feral,Boomkin,Resto, Priest -Discipline

Vaze/Rogue - Combat,Subtlety, Mage - Frost, Priest - Shadow

Our Monk Sucks (TSCHI)

Adëllah/Monk - Mistweaver

Vellido/Death Knight - Frost

Ihascleavage/Warrior - Arms

Røstam/Warrior - Arms

melman (WW,DK / Kitty Cleave)

Balance/Monk - Windwalker, Warrior - Arms

Blackjeff/Paladin - Holy, Warrior - Arms, Warrior - Fury

Zileawong/Death Knight - Frost, Death Knight - Unholy

Coolbears/Druid - Feral

Im in love with my ex girlfriend (RMD)

unafraid/Rogue - Combat

echoqt/Druid - Resto, Mage - Frost

driftkingz/Mage - Frost

Dixon (TURBO)

Magnusz/Warrior - Arms, Warrior - Fury

Balerîon/Shaman - Enhancement

Monkzz/Druid - Resto, Monk - Mistweaver, Priest - Disciplline, Shaman - Restoration

The Lord Has Returned (KFC / Jungle)

Ssds/Hunter - Beast Mastery, Hunter - Marksmanship, Hunter - Survival,Shaman - Enhance

Hikari/Druid - Feral

Bahjeera/Warrior - Fury, Warrior - Arms

Hi :) (PHDK)

Gorecki/ Druid - Resto, Hunter - Beast Mastery, Warlock - Affliction

Glinks/ Hunter - Beast Mastery

Absterge/ Shaman - Restoration

Thechimp/ Death Knight - Frost

RLDream Team (RLD)

Nessper/ Rogue - Combat

Shapis/ Warlock - Affliction

Pinkrangerz/ Druid - Resto

Hey It's Tony from the Bronx (TURBO, KFC, CUPID)

Tony/ Hunter - Beast Mastery, Hunter - Survival, Mage - Frost, Shaman - Enhancement, Warrior - Arms, Warrior - Fury

Truck/ Paladin - Ret, Warrior - Arms, Warrior - Fury

Catchmyelk/ Druid - Resto

Smoochtko (RMD / GOD COMP)

Jahmilli/ Rogue - Combat, Rogue - Subtlety, Priest - Shadow

Rositajones/ Mage - Frost

Kubzy/ Druid - Resto

pls fix queue bug (CUPID)

Avengelyne/ Paladin - Ret, Holy

Dhorothy/ Hunter - Beast Mastery, Marksmanship, Survival / Warrior - Arms, Fury, Prot

Kolo aka Dwanewave/ Paladin - Holy / Druid - Feral, Boomkin, Resto / Shaman - Elemental, Enhancement, Restoration
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PvP damage reduced by 10% in hotfix

Tweet Link

Official Blizzard Quote:

We've applied a hotfix that reduces PvP damage by 10% in response to an overall increase in damage since Patch 6.1 launched.

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