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Winners of the Blizzard Stream Awards

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Official Blizzard Quote:

' class='bbc_url' title='External link' rel='nofollow external'>http://us.battle.net/wow/en/blog/12841349/and-the-winners-for-the-blizzard-stream-awards-are%E2%80%A6-2-10-2014'] 2013 Blizzard Stream Awards, powered by Twitch have come to a close and we’d like to thank you, the community, for tuning into Twitch and voting for your favorite Blizzard game streamers.

Blizzard and Twitch established 13 unique award categories representing streamers from four Blizzard franchises (Diablo III, Hearthstone, StarCraft II, and World of Warcraft). Six of these categories were data-driven (example: most number of hours streamed for Blizzard titles in 2013) while the other seven were qualitative categories that were voted on by you, the community (example: favorite community show of 2013). Twitch will distribute a prize pool of approximately $45,000 in prizes that will be distributed evenly to each award category. Here’s a breakdown for how the prizing will be distributed to the winning streamers.

1st place: $2013
2nd place: $400
3rd place: $300
Runners-up: $100

Note: We previously announced that there would be seven data-driven categories of awards. We unfortunately had to drop one of them from the program due to privacy concerns. We have adjusted the award amounts to reflect this.

For more info on the Blizzard Stream Awards, please visit our original blog post here.

We’ve laid out how each data driven awards category was tabulated, provided a full list of award winners, and a list of the runners-up below and on Blog.Twitch.tv.

Data Driven Categories - Twitch's army of data robots and scientists scoured their databases to find the top streamers for the following six categories

Most Active Viewer – Awarded to the viewer who is following the most Blizzard channels
  • 1st Place: looknohands119 – 595 Blizzard channels followed
  • 2nd Place: zarvene – 562 Blizzard channels followed
  • 3rd Place: kfkfcxy – 505 Blizzard channels followed
Runners-up: bulaire, mtpvipor, ryan780, evilgrades, mabalon, obsena, trip_tv

Most Dedicated Viewer – Awarded to the viewer who had the most active subscriptions to Blizzard channels at end of 2013
  • 1st Place: mdstorey
  • 2nd Place: razerdwarf
  • 3rd Place: umadbroqt
Runners-up: pollogalante123, chinglishtv, im_not_dreamin, nzdr, sodapoppin, cloniez, feralkittehkat

Most Popular Non-English Streamer – Awarded to the broadcaster who had the most ‘minutes watched’ in non-English regions while streaming Blizzard games
  • 1st Place: Sodapoppin – 389,251,500 minutes watched
  • 2nd Place: Reckful – 377,959,500 minutes watched
  • 3rd Place: nl_kripp – 320,320,200 minutes watched
Runners-up: TrumpSC, towelliee, Kingkongor, Swifty, Grubby, Dragon, DeMusliM

Most Engaged Viewers – Awarded to the broadcaster with the highest average minutes watched per unique viewer
  • 1st Place: nl_kripp – 48.89 average minutes watched
  • 2nd Place: Painuser – 30.88 average minutes watched
  • 3rd Place: Reckful – 28.21 average minutes watched
Runners-up: Artosis, khaldor, Mori09TV, SelectKR, iNControL, HeRoMaRinE, Trillebartom

Most Dedicated Streamer – Awarded to the broadcaster with the most minutes streamed in 2013, excluding rebroadcasts, bots, and broadcasters with average viewership under 100
  • 1st Place: Painuser – Streamed 43.5% of the year
  • 2nd Place: Swifty – Streamed 39.1% of the year
  • 3rd Place: protech – Streamed 37.7% of the year
Runners-up: whitepearl2622, ddina1230, maximusgrahamicus, pechthefarmer, nomanis, dexter_bl, sintorra

Highest Stream Viewer Average – Awarded to the broadcaster with the highest average viewer count (over 2000 minutes streamed) while streaming Blizzard games
  • 1st Place: Totalbiscuit
  • 2nd Place: NL_Kripp
  • 3rd Place: Reckful
Runners-up: Sodapoppin, TrumpSC, Day9tv, DeMusliM, IdrA, Kungentv, Grubby

Poll Categories – You, the community voted for your favorite Twitch streamers in the following seven categories

Favorite New Streamer of 2013
  • 1st Place: Jaedong [StarCraft II]
  • 2nd Place: Venruki [World of Warcraft]
  • 3rd Place: Veev [World of Warcraft]
Runners-up: Xenocider [StarCraft II], INnoVation [StarCraft II], MoriKopa [Diablo III], Jaetch [Diablo III], Bly [StarCraft II], ByuN [StarCraft II], San [StarCraft II]

Best Community Channel of 2013
  • 1st Place: Day[9]TV - “Day[9] Daily” [StarCraft II]
  • 2nd Place: ChanmanV – “Climbing the Ladder,” “Wednesday Night Sprites,” & “Value Town” [StarCraft II & Hearthstone]
  • 3rd Place: GameBreakerTV - “Legendary” & “Convert to Raid” [World of Warcraft]
Runners-up: Artosis [StarCraft II & Hearthstone], ManaGrind [Hearthstone], ItmeJP [StarCraft II], AmoveTV [Hearthstone], TwizzCast [Diablo III & World of Warcraft], OneMoreGameTV [StarCraft II]

Most Educational Stream
  • 1st Place: TrumpSC [Hearthstone]
  • 2nd Place: Day9tv [StarCraft II]
  • 3rd Place: Moldran [Diablo III]
Runners-up: EGAzael [World of Warcraft], Grubby [StarCraft II], MaSsanSC [Hearthstone], Savjz [Hearthstone], Artosis [StarCraft II], Diablo Fans [Diablo III], iNControL [StarCraft II]

Favorite StarCraft II Stream
  • 1st Place: Destiny
  • 2nd Place: Grubby
  • 3rd Place: CatZ
Runners-up: Jaedong, Dragon, WhiteRa, IdrA, DeMusliM, TLO, iNControL

Favorite Diablo III Stream
  • 1st Place: Moldran
  • 2nd Place: Kingkongor
  • 3rd Place: DatModz
Runners-up: Archon the Wizard, Baudusau420, Moses_2265, Invisuk, Doxsen, Zisss, Cdxliv

Favorite Hearthstone Stream
  • 1st Place: NL_Kripp
  • 2nd Place: TrumpSC
  • 3rd Place: Reynad27
Runners-up: Itshafu, Reckful, Ellohime, Artosis, Kungentv, MaSsanSC, Savjz

Favorite World of Warcraft Stream
  • 1st Place: Sodapoppin
  • 2nd Place: Reckful
  • 3rd Place: Swifty
Runners-up: Venruki, Veev, Cdewx, Hydramist, LegendaryLea, EGAzael, Ziqoftw

Congratulations to the winners and to everyone that streamed or watched Blizzard games on Twitch in 2013! We look forward to your continued support in 2014. If you'd like to share your unique personality and gameplay experiences, we encourage you to become a Twitch partner. Visit this link for more information.
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#1 Regent

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Posted 11 February 2014 - 03:04 AM

Apparently most people who watch streams are retarded.

WoW streaming has become like Reality TV. The one with the biggest tits and most brain-dead content wins.
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#2 Marshmellow

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Posted 11 February 2014 - 03:17 AM

I don't know who 80% of those people are

all I know is Venruki should have won best new streamer, should have had that bracket for each game instead of Starcraft and WoW in one poll
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#3 Saru93

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Posted 11 February 2014 - 03:39 AM

WoW streaming has become like Reality TV. The one with the biggest tits and most brain-dead content wins.

im there for the gameplay.
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#4 Nmplol

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Posted 11 February 2014 - 03:56 AM

Nice 4000$ more dollars for team sodapoppin.
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#5 Raak

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Posted 11 February 2014 - 11:39 AM

Favorite World of Warcraft Stream
  • 1st Place: Sodapoppin
  • 2nd Place: Reckful
  • 3rd Place: Swifty
Real shocker.
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#6 Azyos

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Posted 11 February 2014 - 01:16 PM

Nice 4000$ more dollars for team sodapoppin.

*Team downs and the Uncle Tom
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#7 Dayzlol

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Posted 11 February 2014 - 02:07 PM

Are you kidding me?
  • 2nd Place: Swifty – Streamed 39.1% of the year
  • 2nd Place: Swifty – Streamed 39.1% of the year
  • 2nd Place: Swifty – Streamed 39.1% of the year
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#8 Hackattack3

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Posted 11 February 2014 - 05:07 PM

Just curious b/c I don't want streams and have no idea how this stuff works. I know a few people stream for income/$$ but are there any streamers on that list that also hold a full time job?
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#9 Nmplol

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Posted 13 February 2014 - 03:03 AM

*Team downs and the Uncle Tom

Did you just call me an Uncle Tom. I've have been called many things in my life and THAT is a first LOL!
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Posted 13 February 2014 - 03:17 AM

Why do you promote this garbage? I'm being completely serious. This is arena junkies, and most of us don't give 2 shits about who is the best at selling his or her personality. Most of these guys don't even stream arena at a decent level, reckful included because he doesn't even stream WoW.

If you are going to flood the front page with big distracting text boxes, pictures, and videos, AT LEAST make the articles somehow related to arena.
Yes I heff 3 be mad
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Expect bias in posts because
Wotlk is the best thing since sliced bread

#11 Bluntmasterx

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Posted 13 February 2014 - 05:33 PM

nice post :P
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#12 terdek

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Posted 14 February 2014 - 02:05 AM

Jajajaja this is true¿
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