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Aleksandr "Diablous" Skvortsov has released his latest Enhancement Shaman PvP movie called "Burn me alive". We had the time to ask him some questions.

ArenaJunkies: Hello Diablous, first of all congratulations to your latest PvP movie "Burn me alive" and thanks for taking the time to answer some questions. Let's start out with a short introduction. Since when do you play Enhancement Shaman?

Diablous: Hello, thanks for having me here. I started in 2004 on Chromaggus eu, then migrated to Stormscale eu in season 5 and been there since then(my alt is on Outland tho).

ArenaJunkies: Did you play in tournaments?

Diablous: In this video we played in MiR 2# tournament in the loser's bracket vs Nauree's team 2-0.
We disqualified from the first winner's bracket game instantly, because one of us wasn't online when needed.
The game starts in the video from 17:00. This is the results of the tournament http://challonge.com/mirtournament

ArenaJunkies: You start out with the metal song "Scapegoat" by "The Agony Scene" from the Christian label "Solid State Records" and your trademark Diablous mask that reminds a bit of the painted animal masks from Papua New Guinea. The movie is called "Burn me alive", the launching fire that could come from Dante's Inferno. How did you develop that mix of symbols?

Diablous: My name Diablous is not in any way connected with The Agony Scene or Scapegoat.  I've been using my name since 2004 when I switched from Diablo to World of Warcraft. The movie is called Burn Me Alive because of the lyrics in the video.

ArenaJunkies: How long did the editing take?

Diablous: It took weeks, the biggest part was to search through all 3+ terabytes of games I've been recording.
The games that didn't make it to the video, will be released on my Youtube channel at some point.

ArenaJunkies: Did you have professional training or did you learn editing and 3D all by yourself?

Diablous: Not really, took me a week to master it, not hard at all when you are focused on the stuff you are trying to do. The intro is actually my first pice of 3D.

ArenaJunkies: Back to more basic topics. What is the current state of Enhancement Shamans regarding balance?

Diablous: Enhancements are in good state of balance right now, and they are only going up in the next patch, possibly being the top melee.

ArenaJunkies: Did you test patch 5.4 on PTR?

Diablous: Yea, I always play the PTR to get ahead in the upcomming patch. The enhancement is just getting stronger and stronger.

ArenaJunkies: Will you qualify for the regionals?

Diablous: I was planning to do so this season, but as always, I end up having no team that is willing to practice, everyone is just aiming to get their gladiator tittle.

ArenaJunkies: If players have questions about Enhancement Shamans - is there a way to contact you without being annoying?

Diablous: Messaging me via Youtube is the best way, that way I can anwser them when I have time, and not when I'm doing arena ingame.

ArenaJunkies: Do you have links you would like to share to your stream or social media accounts?

Diablous: My stream on Twitch is: www.twitch.tv/diablous and my Youtube channel is: www.youtube.com/diablouseu

ArenaJunkies: Any shout-outs?

Diablous: Shout-outs to Arenajunkies, Prestige-Gaming and Warcraftmovies for promoting my movie on their sites.
Also a shout-out to MiR guild on Outland eu for having me in their tournament.

ArenaJunkies: Thank you for the interview Diablous.

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#1 Daawarlock

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Posted 02 August 2013 - 05:58 AM

Good video, liked the music. +1000 for slaughtering Sodapoppin.
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#2 Dreamwalkerx

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  • Posts: 114

Posted 02 August 2013 - 07:31 AM

Nice vid, but nothing on my man
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#3 Mirionx

  • Junkies
  • Posts: 1243

Posted 02 August 2013 - 08:39 AM

It's ok guys

Stormstrike no longer grants extra crit to Elemental Blast.


#4 Itsnel

  • Junkies
  • Posts: 431

Posted 02 August 2013 - 08:47 AM

nice music, turned off after 5 seconds

#5 Ayrasaurus

  • Junkies
  • Posts: 4228

Posted 02 August 2013 - 09:38 AM

No offense i can tell you worked hard on it but it may as well been a "stormstrike in a hunter comp" montage. Also the choice of music was really poor and didn't seem to match.

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Thaya Ayra Omegatfwnogfboys2k15

#6 Eveny

  • Junkies
  • Posts: 260

Posted 02 August 2013 - 12:12 PM

Oh boy we're in for a treat if we get to see the other 3tera of videos
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#7 Udderly

  • Members
  • Posts: 793

Posted 02 August 2013 - 02:11 PM

I just can't understand how this is enjoyable gameplay, even for the person playing enhance.  

Get something to 50%  -> pop ascendance and kill in a global

It just sounds insanely boring to me

#8 Angrypiexx

  • Junkies
  • Posts: 575

Posted 02 August 2013 - 03:31 PM

so i gave this another look ... i'll add +1 on the video rating for boosting the dog russian hunter

#9 Abendschein

  • Members
  • Posts: 85

Posted 03 August 2013 - 06:02 AM

View PostCapstone, on 01 August 2013 - 03:59 PM, said:

I watched the video. The editing is good.

The music immediately reverts that redeeming factor, and then extends the favor of ruining the experience for the viewer some more.
I happen to enjoy the music and it seems to make the feel that much more intense/exciting. =/
I'm still learning. ^_^

#10 Kruschpak

  • Junkies
  • Posts: 154

Posted 04 August 2013 - 07:41 PM

View PostMirionx, on 02 August 2013 - 08:39 AM, said:

It's ok guys

Stormstrike no longer grants extra crit to Elemental Blast.


its ok man, just have to spec elemental blast to see the tooltip now

#11 cippi

  • Junkies
  • Posts: 274

Posted 13 December 2013 - 01:17 AM

Think there still more than just watch jahmilli's stream and 100-0 lances
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