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Curse King of the Hill Week 5

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Make sure to follow Curse's stream so you'll know when the tournament is live every week!

Season 12 for Mists of Pandaria have been out for a few weeks now, giving players hopefully time to test compositions and gather their teammates. Make sure to check out the King of the Hill tournament at http://www.own3d.tv/King-Of-The-Hill this Friday for the first ever WoW tournament hosted in Mists of Pandaria.

Check out this post for more details on what is the King of the Hill WoW Tournament.

  • $100 to the winning team.
  • Oct 19, 7PM EDT (4PM PDT, 12AM London Time)
Games will be played on Tournament Realm with ALL gear being allowed.
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#1 breakinirl

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Posted 14 October 2012 - 07:32 PM

wanna see a rogue in this xD
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#2 Twocat

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Posted 14 October 2012 - 08:17 PM

Is there a reason live was chosen over TR? Just curious.
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#3 Tearbleu

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Posted 14 October 2012 - 09:55 PM

Not everyone has TR. And its also not up for purchase for the public.
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