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WoW seems to be maintaining its reign as the most popular MMO of all time. Let's hope their increased revenue will allow them to dedicate more efforts towards improving the game for the PvP community :)

"Blizzard" said:

IRVINE, Calif. -- January 22, 2008 -- Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. announced today that subscribership for World of Warcraft®, its award-winning massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG), has continued to climb, recently passing 10 million worldwide. Interest in the game has remained high in all regions, with thousands of new and returning players signing up through the holiday season. World of Warcraft now hosts more than 2 million subscribers in Europe, more than 2.5 million in North America, and approximately 5.5 million in Asia.
Full article here: http://www.blizzard....ss/080122.shtml
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#1 somaface

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Posted 23 January 2008 - 01:23 AM


#2 Bio

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Posted 23 January 2008 - 04:59 AM

10 Mill People paying for this game and my 2v2/3v3 ques are around 7-12 min

#3 Kadrix

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Posted 23 January 2008 - 10:33 PM

Bio said:

10 Mill People paying for this game and my 2v2/3v3 ques are around 7-12 min

Yeah, you would think that Blizz would be able to spare the money for better servers with the amount of people paying 15$ a month, as well as all the name changes and server transfers.
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#4 Tribby

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Posted 23 January 2008 - 10:39 PM

wait a second, according to my math that's

OVER 9000!!!
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