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You all probably know by now that Blizzard posted a Class Feedback thread for all classes in the official forums. A couple players started threads on our forums to see what players here posted without having to dig through hundreds of posts on the WoW forums.

We started a thread for all the classes that didn't already have one going and they can be found below. If there is a large amount on participation in these threads, we will send a compilation to Blizzard explaining to them that these are the thoughts of top PvPers.

Druid - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5605
Hunter - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5606
Mage - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5046
Paladin - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5608
Priest - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5609
Rogue - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5610
Shaman - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5611
Warlock - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5390
Warrior - http://www.arenajunk...read.php?t=5612

Thanks Haet and Optimuus for the idea of getting this started.
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