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Spammable Shadowform Rate: -----

Allows you to spam Shadowform while in Shadowform, so you do not accidentally take yourself out of form.

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Mouseover Focus, Focus Rate: -----

Allows you to use mouseover to focus a target. If no target is being moused over it will set your focus to your current target.

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Power Word: Shield on mouse over Rate: -----

useful for those who use mouseover more than click & cast. user at your own risk

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Show/Don't Show Helm Rate: -----

Toggles the Interface option to show your Helmet on and off. One click will toggle it off and another till toggle it back on.

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Cleanse Spirit / Interrupt Rate: -----

Cleanse your team mates and interrupt your enemy caster use at you own risk

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Imbue Weapon Rate: -----

Mainhand Windfury Offhand Flametongue (change to what ever you prefer to use) one button imbue weapon i use on my enhancement shaman order of click gives on non imbued weapons: 1st. click (left mouse button) - windfury mainhand weapon 2nd. click (right mouse button) - Flametongue offhand weapon 3rd. click (middle mouse button) - Earthliving mainhand Weapon then left mouse button again to put windfury back on mainhand weapon.

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Self innervate Rate: -----

Uses Innervate to the player regardless of target. Also uses glove enchant if the player is an engineer with Synapse Springs

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Set Ui-Frames Rate: -----

Macro to move blizzard ui-frames. You need to change the numbers to move your frames.

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Move Focus Target Rate: -----

Pressing this macro will make your focus target movable.

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Stealth pull Rate: -----

Ive been using this macro for a long time, cant remeber who made it. When a rogue gets close time to time you see them for a split secound. By spamming this macro that split secound will cast it on him and he gets unstealthed.

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