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Casts berserk when stealthed with no stealth it casts trinket + berserk Change "Vicious Gladiator's Badge of Conquest" to what trinket you use.


Can it be smth like /use [nostealth] 13 ? Or what was trinket slot...
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add a /cast tiger's fury above berserk for extra ez burst modes
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Pretty sure you cant use Tiger's fury with Berserk anymore. Think that may have been a 4.2 change
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if you use tiger's fury before berserk you can use both, thats what i do for my one shot macro, the damage is pretty insane the macro comes out to be

#showtooltip berserk
/use vicious gladiator's badge of conquest
/cast tiger's fury
/cast Berserk

and after you hit that it does INSANE damage
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instead, you cant use it in stealth, and you won't be able to use TF if you're using zerk in stealth, as you do with trinket.

And remember; TF is not supposed to use for damage boost, since it's our only energy regen tool.
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