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Mage - Polymorph with PetFollow on Arena Targets - Arena123 - Arena1/2/3 Rate: -----


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A macro casts Polymorph on the arena target without targeting them. Some new Mages may want to put /petfollow in their Polymorph macro so the pet stops attacking automatically once you Sheep to prevent any breaks on it. It’s easier to execute cross-CC or double-CC. I’ve talked about before, when you press Polymorph - arena3 and then spam Deep Freeze arena 1 as you do it, you will end up sheeping one person and Deep Freezing the other guy instantly after that! Sometimes you can’t afford to swap your Focus to somebody you want to Sheep/Deep/CS, because you need to look out for some particular debuff/cast on your current Focus. For example, you don’t want to lose your focus on Shadow Priest vs Shadowplay, because in the case Shadowpriest pops his burst (wings, trinket, orb) you want to be able to Deep Freeze/CS him and Spellsteal his wings as soon as possible, but you might not notice this happening at all if you swap focus to the Warlock of Shadowplay to sheep him. You just gain more controlled awareness if using arena1/2/3 macros. Source: http://www.arenajunkies.com/topic/224117-frost-mage-pvp-guide/