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  1. Dev interview with Hotted and Swifty

    Hotted & Swifty interview the WoW devs

  2. AJ developer interview

    Holinka & GC interviewed by Vanguards and Hildegard

  3. ArenaLive 2.0 tournament UI

    Game footage and interview

  4. BUG - self ress in arena

    A bug currently allows players on the 5.4 PTR to relog and live again in the arena.

  5. Killing Spree 5.4 Godmode

    Why Killing Spree burst in 5.4 is overpowered and possible fixes to make it balanced.

  6. Diffuse Magic bugging out - UA Dispel still 100k

    The Monk skill Diffuse Magic reduces magic damage taken by 90%....

  7. Arena vs. the Blizzard community team

    Arena vs. the Blizzard EU community team with Nakatoir . They cheated!

  8. AJ warrior podcast

    with Hoodrych, Colard, Barburas, Ayraswag, Seven and Braindance

  9. Feedback to Blizzard from some of the best rogues playing World of Warcraft

    Woundman, Ayume, Samx, Akaishuichi, Rzn, Pikaboo talk tell directly to Blizzard what they think need to be changed about rogues.

  10. ArenaJunkies rogue podcast with Samx, Ayume, Woundman, Akaishuichi, Pikaboo, Rzn and Mimmick

    We talked about the best rogues ever, BlizzCon, tournaments, about Reckful,...

  11. Killing Spree 5.4 PTR one shots

    Why Killing Spree and T16 4piece needs to be nerfed on PTR.

  12. AJ podcast with Bludz and Woundman

    We talk about rogues and mages, 5.3 balance, game design and WoW, tournaments, streaming and ideas on how to improve WoW

  13. ArenaLive Enemy Unit Frames

    Gladius alternative shown in action.

  14. fameLY tournament Finals

    Team Zeepeye vs. Team Gizmo

  15. fameLY tournament Upper Bracket Finals

    Kajn/Nieze/Boetar vs. Hvidepengé/ Zeepeye/Virent

  16. Mage animation guide

    All relevant mage animations, tooltips and icons.

  17. ArenaLive UnitFrames

    First glimpse at the UnitFrames based on the tournament UI

  18. AJ podcast with Vanguards, Sykeasaurus, Thaya and Hildegard

    All your questions about Arena Junkies discussed and most of them answered.

  19. Multi Talent macros

    How to create macros for multiple talents, using rogues as example

  20. Warlock animation guide

    All relevant warlock animations, tooltip and icons.

  21. Monk animation guide

    All relevant Monk animations, tooltip and icons.

  22. Warrior Animation Guide

    Showing all relevant Warrior animations including icons, description and cooldown.

  23. Hunter animation guide

    All relevant hunter animations, tooltip and icons.

  24. Hunters - know your arena partner!

    Know your arena partners. I created a hunter on the PTR to explain you the mechanics of rogue/hunter.