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#4636925 Top 5 Best Ever World Of Warcraft Transmogs

Posted by Albert123 on 21 December 2017 - 01:46 PM in Videos

World of Warcraft's shortcomings relative to more modern games while still acknowledging its enduring greatness. “Sure,” you could say, “Blizzard does dungeons well and there's a nice mix of in-game activities, but too bad it's not as social as it used to be.”

Legion makes me unwilling to say such things anymore. It's been little more than a week since launch and I've been making new friends in the open world in a way I haven't since 2004. For the past few days I've been running with a small group of players from other servers I met through the custom Group Finder, galloping between the new world quests through sprawling, attractive zones. pinoy channel ako We originally grouped up for a boss none of us could tackle alone but we found we liked our synergy, and together we finished the zone’s four other world quests even though we could have done those on our own. It's always been possible to find such groups through staid guild applications or groups of pre-existing real-life friends, but this tendency to make new friends just by playing has long been one of the things I've missed about early WoW.