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#4617364 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 18 November 2016 - 03:23 AM in Demon Hunter

Alright I've been taking a deep look at the state of DH in terms of PvP in the PTR, and RIGHT NOW this is the setup I would be running:

Normal Talents:

1st Row: Felblade vs healer chases in 2v2 otherwise it would be Blind Fury in most comps in 3v3.

2nd Row: Prepared =/= Demon Blades, Can't make up my mind if the nerf really hit us that bad as fury generation from Felblade helps and it isn't that bad with Demon Blades despite the nerf. However, Prepared is very strong and does provide us with more reliable totem kill ability (Demon's Bite).

3rd Row: Chaos Cleave is the nr1 choice unless you have a setup where enemies might stack with CC that can't handle taking dmg (sap/blind/incaps etc). Also if they decide to revert the main target taking the colateral splash as well, we'll lean back and settle with Bloodlet. I hope Chaos Cleave remains the way it does right now tbh, cause im sick and tired of having a Bloodlet debuff on a priest shield doing jack-shit.

4th Row: Momentum is still in my opinion the best choice. It offers easy target switching unlike the recently buffed Nemesis. Fel Eruption can be very good in certain setups where you can overlap stuns down to full DR and smack a non crit 800k hit with it. But then again, that requires full stun DR every 35sec to set up. Which could be used in DH/Rogue/Hpala setups for example. However, with the current state of rogues they better stay with their good'ol RMx setups.

5th Row: MotG is still the ONLY choice for us here, the other options don't even fit in the PvE scene... I thought Blizzard was changing the talents to avoid useless rows.....?

6th Row: Chaos Blades / Fel Barrage are very stable choices, I personally prefer Chaos Blades for actual kill sets whilst FB is strong for sustained long term damage. However, if you go for Blind Fury in the 1st row you want to go Demonic which is also going to be the nr 1 PvE setup. The demon form haste increase with empowered Chaos Strikes for 8seconds with massive fury up is just insane and can be used every Eye Beam CD.


Honor Talents:

1st Row: Depends on what you're up against. Won't really comment any further on this row.

2nd Row: Same as 1st.

3rd Row: Solitude & Cover of Darkness are the to-go choices here depending on your comp & enemy comp. The Glimpse talent is completely useless and is never going to be considered, ever.

4th Row: Unending Hatred got a 100% buff and looks VERY promising vs setups where Reverse Magic is not as attractive for you. However, in this row we STILL have ANOTHER useless talent "Eye of Leotheras" too easily dispelled and with that massive CD it's really only good in duels vs enemies who can't dispel but still cast spells.

5th Row: Demonic Origins & Mana Rift will be the choices here, Awaken the Demon Within is completely useless.... Regarding Demonic Origins we get 10% increased damage OUTSIDE meta which is purely orgasmic, I'll personally be using this unless I'm going for Mana Burn approach! The Mana Rift is just sexy as fucking hell, this is my idea of what Demon Hunters were gonna do in WoW! Mana Rift is a MELEE RANGE 6 yard circle on the enemy you hit which pops after 2.5 sec burning in chaos dmg the enemies inside the area for 8% hp/mp. With a base CD of 10 sec it's purely insane, you can force healers to stop casting to get out of it and/or stun/root for their mana to burn. I think that this talent will make DH extremely good for 2v2 specifically as well as long games with the recently buffed warlocks when the patch goes live. (Unless changes are made as everything in the PTR is subject to change).

6th Row: With Imprison finally being baseline and only on a 15sec CD the Detainment spec increases the clone with 1 sec. The Rain from Above isn't changed and is only used vs very rare setups in 2v2 and I would personally avoid it in 3v3. Mana Break got some changes but in the end if a buff imo. We deal 15% of tarets total health in Chaos damage (up from 10+x), and (x) as usual the 1% per 2% of target's total missing mana. However, only up to 70% of the target's total health. (totally doing a max dmg of 85% of the enemies total health, but then again we never really did use Mana Break on 100% oom targets, they usually are down to 10-20% mana. Don't forget the CD reduction, it's on a 1min base CD now!


I feel that the upcoming changes requires some number tweaking but ultimately the playstyle puts the class in the shape and form that I expected the Demon Hunter to be in this game. We are turning in to a mix of what Rogues used to be in the old days and Feral Druids. I'm personally very hyped about the tweaks they'll do before release! smile.png

Number tweaking will be required as our Single Target seems to have taken a small nerf (again) which to me seems completely retarded at the same time as our AoE got very carefully buffed with all the changes counted for.

And not to mention that the fury generation for the class with the changes feels a bit clunky and messy to deal with from time to time, even in PvE.

Changes are amazingly good but requires number tweaking as our Single Target dmg took a hit, as well as our Fury generation feeling a bit clunky. All in all very happy with the playstyle changes.

#4616116 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 09 November 2016 - 11:43 PM in Demon Hunter

Update for the guide:
Arena Gameplay & Arena Compositions being updated right now.

Edit: Done

#4615192 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 05 November 2016 - 02:01 AM in Demon Hunter

Doing amazing with DH/Enhance/MW atm. Think this setup can be very stable.

#4614829 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 03 November 2016 - 09:18 PM in Demon Hunter

Yeah it will be fun to see where the game will lead the DH eventually.. when they actually do! :P

#4612624 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 27 October 2016 - 03:06 PM in Demon Hunter

State of DH patch 7.1
Just noticed after uploading that the rendering caused some issues with text being blurry in wow -.-' ah well, not a biggie.

#4612612 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 27 October 2016 - 02:19 PM in Demon Hunter

YT video:
"State of DH Patch 7.1 by GhazzyTV" is being rendered atm. Somewhat "rant-y" but I'll upload it asap.

#4612387 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 26 October 2016 - 03:42 PM in Demon Hunter

I'll be releasing a youtube vid with the "state of DH 7.1" tomorrow evening. I'll go through some basic stuffs and it will have a lot of biased comments from my own perspective. 

#4611751 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 23 October 2016 - 10:21 AM in Demon Hunter

I've got myself into 1850cr - 1900+ MMR with DH/Assa/Shamy. We seem to do fine versus anything but mages. Is there any tips how you guys are handling fex. RMP ? Seems like they get the best of us everytime, so far trying to tunnel Mage to oblivion but theres just too much peels/CC and everyother shit when we start to get advantage, IF we are so lucky to start off well and get the pressure running.

Also i tried out Nemesis,Chaosblades, Meta, First Blood talents for maximum singletarget damage , but feels like im barely scratching them, watched some guides on the right rotation but meh they just laugh at me when i go for them and after CD:s run out i feel like im a handicap just trolling around.

EDIT: Wtf does reversemagic remove? Dots and novas i've seen but does it actually remove Fear/Stuns/Polymorph? -TY.


Currently we can tryhard ourselves up to 2.2-2.3k rating and if you are playing with r1 players you can reach higher if you really tryhard it. (leaderboards are a perfect example and proof of this statement).
Blizzard is listening (I hope) and are lookin into changes:


Mages are a common issue to the massive ammount of rooting countering us hard. Will wait and see the upcoming changes before I can give you a proper answer.
Regarding Reverse Magic, it works just like Forumz said, don't forget that you can Reverse Magic the Karma DoT applied by monks to counter it. :)

#4610590 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 12 October 2016 - 10:18 PM in Demon Hunter

Updated section [1.5] Arena Compositions

#4610431 PK vs Mutilate during KS?

Posted by GhazzyTV on 11 October 2016 - 11:29 PM in Rogue

Yeah I hit 110 and tested it to confirm :) 
Thanks for the response though!

#4609876 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 08 October 2016 - 02:02 PM in Demon Hunter

Updated Thread:


Atm the most reliable setups for DH are scarse but good:
In order of personal preference:

DH / WWMonk / Hpala > Rdruid > other healer classes
DH / DemoLock / Rsham > Rdruid > other healer classes
DH / Arms / Hpala or Rdruid > other healer classes

#4609690 DH Comps, 3s viability?

Posted by GhazzyTV on 07 October 2016 - 03:46 PM in Demon Hunter


Titles: r1 s3, glad s4-5-6 as a rogue.

Hopefully that'll suffice for all your questions :)
Right now the 2 best comps imo are based of Warrior melee cleave setups which tbh works best with MWmonk due to not needing that much peeling compared to the second best choice being Rdruid for those cyclone rotations. Mage comps will still be a bitch to deal with.
My pref setup is the DemoLock one, still not sure if MWmonk due to peeling or Rdruid is the better choice or hell even Hpala for those freedom buffs. I personally think MW monk could be super strong but then again CC chain from cycloning druids are insane. I'll be testing the other healer classes other than Rsham with that setup tonight on my stream around midnight EU server time 00:00 (that's in 6h from the moment this is posted.)

#4609429 PK vs Mutilate during KS?

Posted by GhazzyTV on 06 October 2016 - 11:37 AM in Rogue

Hey guys,

I used to only play rogues but currently maining DH for the expansion. I am lvling an alt rogue but I can't figure out what's best to do during Kingslayer debuff, spam Poison Knife or Mutilate? 

PK: 40 Energy, 100% application of lethal Poison which stacks Kingslayer dmg by 15% per application.

Mutilate: 55 Energy, higher phys dmg, no guarantee of poison.

#4609345 Legion Rogue PVP Talents

Posted by GhazzyTV on 06 October 2016 - 02:01 AM in Rogue



This is now very fitting for assa rogues as well ;)

#4608601 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 02 October 2016 - 07:03 PM in Demon Hunter

Alright so, the setups working for DH right now are cleaves mainly, I don't like the Mage/DH/healer setup but will be going with the DemoLock/DH/Rsham setup, it seemed to be very very strong if done correctly.

#4607611 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 28 September 2016 - 06:19 PM in Demon Hunter

Alright I've tested DH/Warlock/healer, it was horrendous.

Looking at the setups I want to go Demonology / DH / Rsham right now.

#4607527 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 28 September 2016 - 08:05 AM in Demon Hunter

Right now I've tried a ton of non-melee cleave setups with my DH and today I'll be testing a DH/Warlock/Rsham setup if this does not work, I'll probably go down to the most reliable setup for DH's which is DH/Arms/HPala or Rsham.

Will keep you guys posted of course.

#4607518 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 28 September 2016 - 07:32 AM in Demon Hunter

Only way to doublecheck this is to get a duel going and confirm! Anyone up for it? (Im at work atm)

#4607503 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 28 September 2016 - 05:55 AM in Demon Hunter

Quick question. Can you use reverse magic on touch of karma from monks? I tried it a few time, but felt like I was taking a lot of damage still after using it. I couldn't quite figure out if you could use it against him to really burn him down.


Apply Aura: Dummy
Server-side script

(Taken directly from wowhead for Touch of Karma), it never places a spell based debuff on you which makes it unable to reverse with Reverse Magic.

#4607356 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 27 September 2016 - 12:21 PM in Demon Hunter

Personally I'm always striving towards R1. However, due to not playing for 2 expansions I am using the first season for Gladiator focus unless I can get people good enough and more up-to-date than I am to get higher than Glad.

#4607329 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 27 September 2016 - 08:26 AM in Demon Hunter

Alright so hotfixes seems to be finalized for us.
Bloodlet will still be the nr 1 to go to choice in terms of damage.

However, with warlock buffs if proven to be a viable comp mana break & Death from Above might take their place as viable specs for longer games in setups like: DH/Warlock/healer.

On the other hand, melee cleaves are eating through healers such as Resto Shamans, will the peeling be enough from Warlock/DH to make the setup work vs such mindless teams?

Before updating sessions in this guide I need more testing to guarantee the quality of this guide.

(Sidenote: how the hell do i get a moderator to grant me the possibility to post images in my threads? I've already PM'd a few, noone is responding)

#4607218 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 26 September 2016 - 07:59 PM in Demon Hunter

Yeah I'm rather tempted in Affliction warlock to have high sustained damage and like you said, just get that or hell even take Death From Above making you pretty much counter long CC chains on your healer cause, hey, warlocks aint ever gonna fuckin die >.<

#4607134 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 26 September 2016 - 01:18 PM in Demon Hunter


Potentially, we'll see :)
I wouldn't mind trying DH/Lock/Rsham after hotfix that's for sure, but question is, will it be enough? Will it be better than a Warlock/Warrior/healer setup? Cause if not then we might as well go with DH/War/Healer and start cleaving... :/

#4607116 [Guide] Demon Hunter

Posted by GhazzyTV on 26 September 2016 - 11:28 AM in Demon Hunter

Well.... Will take you about 5hours of clicking "next page" on the 3v3 ladder Before you see any warlocks... I doubt DH who barely exists in the top ladder atm would work well with a Warlock right now :P

#4607107 What comps are you running right now and why ?

Posted by GhazzyTV on 26 September 2016 - 10:45 AM in Warrior

WWW, cause you can never have too many warriors.

Pros: Warrior
Cons: n/a