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Help Topic: Posting Requirements

Posting Access: Junkie or Member?
Users on Arena Junkies fall into 2 groups as determined by your title history since registering on Arena Junkies or your current ratings/title as verified through the Official Battle.net Profiles.

Junkies - Users in the Junkie usergroup have posting privileges throughout the forums. These users have been verified to have received the Gladiator title or currently has at least one of the following personal rating on one of their arena teams.
2v2: 2600+
3v3: 2600+
5v5: 2600+

Members - Users falling under the category of Member have posting privileges in all the forums under the Category 'Members and Junkies.' Members can also create and reply to their own threads in the Ask a Gladiator forum.

We make our best effort to keep all character information on our users as current as possible. If at any point a Member, who did not previously meet the restrictions for Junkie posting access, is found to qualify they will automatically be added to the Junkie group.

Due to technical restrictions we do sometimes fall behind on user updates. If it has been over 24 hours since Battle.net displayed you as qualifying, please post in the Character Update forum to inform us that you now qualify for access and require an update.