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Character: Shaileen

Helmet of the Barbed Assassin Gleaming Eye of the Devilsaur Spaulders of the Barbed Assassin Foulspawn Drape Tunic of the Barbed Assassin Orange Martial Shirt Tabard of the Protector Shadow-Gorged Bracers of the Fireflash Gloves of the Barbed Assassin Cranefeather Waistband of the Savant Shadow-Gorged Legguards of the Quickblade Stonetoe's Tormented Treads Burning Band Seal of Ghoulish Glee Haromm's Talisman Sigil of Rampage Prideful Gladiator's Shanker Nazgrim's Gutripper
Character Portrait
L95 Night ElfRogue