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Character: Gladiator: Warlords Season 1 Infinity

Fearless Combatant's Silk Cowl of the Feverflare Medallion of Morashu Fearless Combatant's Silk Amice of the Quickblade Cloak of the Everliving Keeper Robes of Tirisgarde Relentless Gladiator's Tabard Bracers of Tirisgarde Runespeaker's Gloves Fearless Combatant's Silk Cord of the Quickblade Pufferfish Demolition Greaves Footwraps of the Receding Nightmare Syndrelle's Favorite Ring Signet of the Watcher's Guile Bloom of New Growth Poison-Resistant Pumpkin Ebonchill
Character Portrait
Reckoning / Abrechnung
L110 HumanMage


Rating - 288W:3 / L:2