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Character: Gladiator: Legion Season 1 Bøðýßûìlðërx

Fearless Gladiator's Felweave Cowl of the Harmonious Vindictive Gladiator's Pendant Vindictive Gladiator's Felweave Amice of the Quickblade Reap and Sow Fearless Gladiator's Felweave Raiment of the Aurora Formal White Shirt Prideful Gladiator's Tabard Fearless Gladiator's Felweave Bracers of the Quickblade Fearless Gladiator's Felweave Handguards of the Harmonious Bonespeaker Cinch Pillars of the Dark Portal Treads of Galactic Odyssey Fearless Gladiator's Band Vindictive Gladiator's Ring Fearless Gladiator's Insignia of Dominance Fearless Gladiator's Accolade of Dominance Ulthalesh, the Deadwind Harvester
Character Portrait
Cyclone / Wirbelsturm
L110 OrcWarlock


Rating - 2620W:134 / L:96