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Character: Zeeraa

Helm of the Vigilant Eye Clasp of Burning Demise Cruel Gladiator's Chain Spaulders of the Aurora Fierce Gladiator's Drape of the Tracker of the Aurora Harness of Devouring Flame Renowned Guild Tabard Poison-Barbed Bracers Fel-Linked Crushers Oronaar Disciple's Girdle of the Feverflare Oronaar Disciple's Legguards of the Peerless Oronaar Disciple's Boots of the Harmonious Soul of the Huntmaster Band of Dark Millennia Cruel Gladiator's Accolade of Conquest Beguiler's Talisman Titanstrike
Character Portrait
L110 OrcHunter


Rating - 766W:8 / L:8