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Character: Shàri

Ley-Touched Hood of the Harmonious Animus Pendant of the Fireflash Ley-Touched Mantle of the Quickblade Cruel Gladiator's Drape of Piety of the Harmonious Ley-Touched Robes of the Feverflare Ebon Filigreed Doublet Guild Tabard Ley-Touched Bracers of the Peerless Ley-Touched Gloves of the Aurora Dockthrasher Cinch Ferocious Gladiator's Satin Leggings of the Harmonious Ley-Touched Sandals of the Feverflare Dreamwalker' s Band Avenging Band of the Quickblade Spellbinder's Seal Cruel Gladiator's Badge of Dominance Light's Wrath
Character Portrait
L110 UndeadPriest