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Character: Gladiator: Legion Season 5 Resolidify

Arinor Keeper's Headgear of the Peerless Fierce Gladiator's Necklace Spaulders of Aberrant Inhibition Nethercaller Cloak Arinor Keeper's Tunic of the Feverflare Guild Tabard Arinor Keeper's Armbands of the Fireflash Gloves of Barbarous Feats Arinor Keeper's Belt of the Decimator Leggings of Heinous Acts Arinor Keeper's Treads of the Quickblade Fierce Gladiator's Ring Tel'anor Magister's Ring Three-Toed Rabbit Foot Venerable Triad Statuette Scythe of Elune
Character Portrait
L110 Night ElfDruid