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Character: Niellas

Demonbreaker Helm Void-Sealed Gorget Felbane Shoulderguard of the Harmonious Marked Cloak of Command Demonbreaker Chestplate Fine Cloth Shirt Stormwind Tabard Wristclasps of Righteous Reckoning Felbane Gauntlets of the Harmonious Felbane Girdle of the Harmonious Ancient Royal Legguards Felbane Greaves of the Merciless Talon Guard Bloodsworn Band Torrid Seal of the Noble Chipped Soul Prism Pillar of the Earth Steelforged Saber of the Merciless Steelforged Shield of the Feverflare
Character Portrait
US-Cenarion Circle
L100 DwarfWarrior