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Character: Itsepetos

Wild Gladiator's Plate Visor Wild Aspirant's Choker of Endurance Wild Aspirant's Plate Shoulders Wild Combatant's Cloak of Cruelty Wild Combatant's Plate Chestpiece Plainsthunder Wristwraps Wild Aspirant's Plate Gauntlets Wild Combatant's Girdle of Cruelty Wild Gladiator's Legplates Wild Combatant's Warboots of Prowess Wild Aspirant's Signet of Endurance Seal of Rumbling Earth Wild Gladiator's Badge of Victory Wild Gladiator's Medallion of Adaptation Wild Combatant's Decapitator
Character Portrait
Rampage / Saccage
L100 TaurenWarrior