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Character: Anditsgone

Grievous Gladiator's Silk Cowl Kiln-Stoker Collar of the Feverflare Grievous Gladiator's Silk Amice Kiln-Stoker Cloak of the Decimator Robes of Koegler Formal White Shirt Stormwind Tabard Cloudscorcher Wristwraps of the Savant Cloudscorcher Handwraps of the Feverflare Cloudscorcher Belt of the Impatient Cloudscorcher Leggings of the Impatient Cloudscorcher Sandals of the Impatient Kiln-Stoker Ring of the Impatient Kiln-Stoker Ring of the Fireflash Medallion of the Alliance Sigil of Kypari Zar Torch of Dawn
Character Portrait
L90 Night ElfMage


Rating - 763W:8 / L:16