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Hood of Blackened Tears Immerseus' Crystalline Eye Prideful Gladiator's Ironskin Spaulders Thunder-Chaser Cloak Grievous Gladiator's Ironskin Tunic Artisan Officer's Shirt Shado-Pan Tabard Cranefeather Bindings of the Unerring Gloves of the Golden Protector Cranefeather Waistband of the Adroit Grievous Gladiator's Ironskin Legguards Troll-Toe Tabi Seal of the Shado-Pan Assault Ring of Restless Energy Hawkmaster's Talon Assurance of Consequence Enchanted Shao-Tien Saber Softfoot's Last Resort
Character Portrait
US-Burning Blade
L90 Unknown RaceUnknown Class


Rating - 1016W:35 / L:41