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Character: Savvy

Stickney's Grey-Shade Hood Smoldering Eye Spaulders of the Shattered Vale Fen-Yu, Fury of Xuen Raiment of the Shattered Vale Sightless Mantle Mantid Carapace Augments Grips of the Shattered Vale Snow Lily Belt Legguards of the Shattered Vale Prideful Gladiator's Boots of Cruelty Prideful Gladiator's Ring of Accuracy Ring of Restless Energy Assurance of Consequence Rune of Re-Origination Hellscream's Pig Sticker
Character Portrait
Glutsturm / Emberstorm
L90 Night ElfDruid


Rating - 2374W:197 / L:146


Rating - 2455W:81 / L:80