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Character: Molgregosh

Cliffbreaker Helm of the Adroit Striker's Battletags Cliffbreaker Pauldrons of the Unerring Cliffbreaker Drape of the Mountainbed Cliffbreaker Breastplate of the Mountainbed Cliffbreaker Vambraces of the Earthfall Cliffbreaker Gauntlets of the Unerring Cliffbreaker Girdle of the Unerring Cliffbreaker Legplates of the Impatient Cliffbreaker Sabatons of the Decimator Doubtcrusher Seal of the Earthbreaker Cliffbreaker Seal of the Savant Alacrity of Xuen Lessons of the Darkmaster Immaculate Pandaren Spear of the Mountainbed
Character Portrait
L90 OrcWarrior