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Character: Kitcàt

Beastrider Helm Primal Combatant's Necklace of Prowess Beastrider Spaulders Primal Combatant's Cape of Cruelty Prideful Gladiator's Dragonhide Robes Brucehide Jersey Tabard of Brute Force Primal Combatant's Bindings of Cruelty Beastrider Gloves Prideful Gladiator's Waistband of Cruelty Beastrider Breeches Beastrider Boots Iridium Inlaid Band Trophy Band of Telaar Prideful Gladiator's Medallion of Cruelty Rabid Talbuk Horn Hellscream's Pig Sticker
Character Portrait
L100 Night ElfDruid