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Character: Belor

Casque of the Iron Bomber Odyssian Choker Primal Gladiator's Scaled Shoulders Flamelicked Cloak of Kaufebyrd Primal Combatant's Scaled Chestpiece Tabard of the Lightbringer Bracers of Mirrored Flame Gauntlets of the Heavy Hand Truesteel Waistguard of the Fireflash Legplates of Arcanic Absorbtion Mosscrusher Sabatons Timeless Solium Band of Lifegiving Ring of Infinite Accretion Winged Hourglass Emblem of Gushing Wounds Butcher's Terrible Tenderizer Bileslinger's Censer
Character Portrait
Rampage / Saccage
L100 DwarfPaladin


Rating - 1460W:40 / L:33


Rating - 768W:8 / L:9