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Character: Chickenboy

Hood of Dispassionate Execution Reaver's Nose Ring Living Mountain Shoulderguards Cloak of Creeping Necrosis Chestguard of Elemental Torment of the Deft Wraps of the Blood-Soaked Brawler Tabard of the Lightbringer Bracers of the Crying Chorus Grips of Vicious Mauling Belt of Imminent Lies Primal Gladiator's Leggings Treads of Sand and Blood Primal Gladiator's Ring of Prowess Timeless Solium Band of the Assassin Lucky Double-Sided Coin Scales of Doom Crystalline Branch of the Brackenspore
Character Portrait
Rampage / Saccage
L100 DwarfHunter


Rating - 1417W:77 / L:66