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Character: Naelyi

Crown of Steely Brambles Blackened Portalstone Necklace Ley-Scarred Pauldrons Gossamer-Spun Greatcloak Horror Inscribed Chestguard Dragonbone Wristclamps Primal Gauntlets of Rage Waistplate of Nameless Horror Storm-Battered Legplates Trampling Warboots Twice-Warped Azsharan Signet Ring of Frozen Magic Ursoc's Rending Paw Nature's Call Blades of the Fallen Prince Blades of the Fallen Prince
Character Portrait
EU-Argent Dawn
Cataclysme / Cataclysm
L110 DraeneiDeath Knight


Rating - 1746W:47 / L:4


Rating - 1619W:20 / L:11